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superman that….

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Here’s another one of the random, but absolutely HILARIOUS, videos I bookmarked for myself some while back.  Turn the volume up on this one for the full effect!


Allow myself to introduce……myself.

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Aiight people, I have an announcement to make!  After careful planning and diligent execution……I have developed a mini-belly!!!  Please, please….hold your applause until the end of the show.  For those of you who weren’t just clapping in congratulatory fashion for yours truly, you are probably wondering “what the hell is a mini-belly?”  That is definitely a fair question and as always, I am here to explain.

Think along the same lines of a mini-fridge or mini-keg.  It’s still a fridge and still a keg, but just a smaller version.  My mini-belly is still a belly, but just smaller.  Honestly, to the untrained eye, my mini-belly is not even noticeable.  I have a solid frame as it is so, it’s actually quite easy for me to hide my mini-belly.  I just feel like talking about my mini-belly so, that’s why I’m even writing about this absolutely ridiculous topic.  (I’m actually making myself laugh because I think this is definitely the most retarded thing I’ve blogged about yet.)

If you’re still with me – WOW, good for you!  I’ll continue explaining…. You’ve probably wondering why I call it a “mini-belly,” right?  I’m calling it a mini-belly because I can still see some definition in my abdominal area and my mini-belly does not hang over my belt.  Once I can no longer see any definition and my stomach has invaded the outside of my jeans, I’ll have graduated to a full belly!  I really don’t think I’ll get there because I am somewhat health and appearance conscious.  Plus, full belly just isn’t that sexy!

Now you probably want to know how I came to grow my mini-belly?  Well, first of all, I just stopped going to the gym all together!  For some reason, I’ve never liked the gym I go to.  I don’t know why but I just don’t like going to this particular gym.  But that’s not the full reason why I stopped going to the gym.  The rest of the reason is that I’ve just become totally lazy and I’m totally unapologetic about it too!  I just don’t want to go.  I mean, I get up in the morning, shower and get dressed.  I really don’t want to have to change into gym clothes, get sweaty, shower again and then get dressed again!  Too much going on!  One dressing a day is quite enough for me!

Second, I’ve started to enjoy eating food more.  I’ve discussed with some of you in the past that I used to view food as solely a method of fueling the body.  I used to look at food as either protein or carbs.  Now, I’m actually enjoying the taste of different foods so, naturally I’m trying more foods – generally the ones that aren’t that good for me!  Like seriously, there is no reason why I should have a box of mini-tacos in my freezer!  They’re definitely not good for me and they don’t even taste that great, but since I’m getting away from eating strictly healthy foods – why not buy a box of mini-tacos?  Put 6 on a plate, one minute in the microwave and boom – instant meal!

So I’m sure you are totally disgusted by now, but for some reason you’re still reading this and asking yourself – what’s gonna stop you from growing a full belly?  This is also a fair question.  Well, for one, I will start going back to the gym in February.  They charge me every month whether I go or not so, for that reason alone, I will start going back to the gym.  Also, I do try to balance the really bad foods with some really healthy foods.  Like I still eat rice cakes, vegetables and stuff.  I figure that if I keep it somewhat balanced, I’ll be able to sustain my mini-belly lifestyle.

And like I mentioned earlier, I am still appearance conscious so, I’ll never let myself get to full belly status.  All those health risks and sh*t ain’t cool.

So if you have actually read all the way down to this point, something is really wrong with YOU!  There is no reason why you should have paid this much attention to me talking about the part of my body that I’ve labeled my “mini-belly!”  Seriously, why have you read this far down???  Obviously, something is wrong with me, but something is even more wrong with YOU because you’re STILL reading this even thought I just told you at the beginning of this paragraph that there is really zero reason why you should have read that far, but you can’t control yourself and you are STILL reading this!  WOW – please… just STOP!  The thought of you still reading this is making me and my mini-belly feel really uncomfortable!!!

Alright, I see that you are officially sick because you are STILL reading this!  Ok, fine.  You win!

I hope you have fully enjoyed my introduction and education about my mini-belly.  Obviously you have because you’ve totally ignored me telling you how gross you are and now you are on the verge of toally violating my personal space!  Well, since I’m not going to stop you anyways, I guess I’ll just leave you with some pics and say Good Nite.

wagamanaWagamama is this British noodle restaurant chain.  It’s good eats.  Plus, it’s called Wagamama!  Just saying it is pretty cool, now imagine eating there!  I approved when I ate there.  I still aprove now.

(If you didn’t notice, I just figured out how to imbed links into sh*t so, you can actually click the banner and go to their site.  I’m like real nice right now!)

peroni1Since we’re across the pond (I really don’t like saying corny phrases like that but since I already typed it, I’ll let it stay), lets visit Italy.  I really love this ad!  There’s a billboard not far from me with this ad on it and I was a fan at first glance!

First of all, it’s real sexy!  Granted leather boots and beer don’t really have a natural connection, but they really do thou.  My favorite part is how they branded the boot with the small red Peroni tag.  Subtle but smooth!  Then on top of all the fly sh*t in this add, the beer is excellent!  I’m a marketing guy so, of course I like sh*t like this.

Again, I approve.

duhill-skisI snagged this from somewhere, but this is a set of skis by Speciale for British men’s retailer, Dunhill.  I’ve never skied but, I would definitely cop a pair of these and display them at the crib!  Chicks dig cool sh*t in your crib.  Real official!

guinnessthumbnailNo post is ever complete without a litte smut.  Look closely at the pic.  It’s made up of small glasses of Guinness all filled to differnt levels to create the image of the woman!  I’m feelin it!  The link I imbeded in the pic doesn’t go to the Guinness site, but it takes you to this article on the Why Go To Ireland website titled “Gorgeous Women Drinking Guinness.”  The chicks ain’t that bad looking, some are actually cute.  Check it.

ron-mcdThis is just funny!

taraji-p-hensonTaraji P. Henson cause she was just nominated for an Academy Award and cause she’s gorgeous!  This pic just moved me.  I’m sure a few of you were just moved too.

Good one to end on.  one.

Spark the elevation….

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For those of you keeping count, this is my 4th posting on the night/morning/day whatever it is now.  WTF!  Another bout of my almost once weekly insomnia sessions.  They are terrible!  You go thru a whole cycle of emotions when you manage to stay awake thru the entire night.  Here’s a quick rundown/recap:

12:00 am: read daily/weekly news.

12:30 am: get into bed

1:00 am: get out of bed. get on computer. surf aimlessly. post on blog. get back in bed.

2:00 am: get out of bed. eat food. surf aimlessly. write emails. hope to tire myself out.

3:30 am: still awake. wtf. post on blog. write more emails. surf aimlessly. still awake.

4:00 am: get back in bed.

4:15 am: get out of bed. sleep not working. body tired. mind tired. still wide awake. pissed.

5:00 am: post on blog. pissed.

6:00 am: think about going to gym.

6:02 am: stop thinking about going to gym.

6:03 am: surf aimlessly.

7:00 am: brew coffee. eat food. very pissed. no sleep. wtf.

7:30 am: start posting on blog.  still pissed.  body tired. eyes burn. too late/early to sleep now.

7:45 am: having tough time recapping night. very tired.  wtf.  eyes burn. still pissed.

So I’ll just throw up some pics below. usually I’ll explain the significance of each pic but.  I’m. too. tired. to. think.  you’re all smart.  use your imagination.



Take care of yourselves people!

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As everyone knows, our economy is in a bit of a downward spiral these days.   Some have been affected more so than others but, I think that we’ve all felt it in some way, shape or form.  I just want to say Stay Positive and Take Care of Yourselves no matter what you’re going thru these days!  We’ll work this out!

jet to Providence….

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Rhode Island heads keep it official!

It’s funny, as soon as I saw dude, I could instantly tell he was from Pawtucket.  (He’s now locked up without bail at the ACI because this incident violated his probation from a prior drug conviction.) For some reason, you can just look at people and tell where they’re from out there.  Pawtucket dudes look different than EP dudes, Central Falls dudes look different than Cranston dudes, etc.  I don’t know exactly what it is that differentiates the look of people from one city to another but, if you spend enough time there – it’s noticeable.  Shout out to Dominican chicks!



I cook coke in goya…

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Yo.  I was talking to my brother a little while ago and we were talkin about some of our favourite albums.  By far, one of my most favourite albums is The War Report by Capone-N-Noreaga!  This is a east coast hip hop classic!  Capone is real smooth over the beats on some laid back, thugged out, pimpish sh*t.  Nore is just hyped up and completely out of control!  He held it down thou cause Capone went to jail while they were recording the album.


Nore is one of my favourite solo artists too.  He has some of best one-liners out there!  Here’s some of my favourites:

“Yo man what’s up son…what’s the deal man, we gonna revolt?  We gonna revolt this revolution man and just start wildin man?” – Intro (War Report)

“That’s the second time yo….taste that…is it gettin your sh*t numb…is it?” – Stick You

“Yeah, it’s nothin, cause I’m gettin bread, crack is dead, b*tches wanna give me head” – Phone Time

“But last night I’m wit Wesley Snipes, gettin drunk in Cheetah’s just feelin aiight” – Cocaine Business

“I had to bounce in the limo, get somthin to eat…Ay yo, I’m bouncin in the limo gettin somthin to eat” – Cocaine Business

“I rolled the window down and I said what’s up…I said f*ck you, then I rolled the sh*t back up” – Cocaine Business

“Bullet proof vest feelin like an couch on me” – Cocaine Business

“They call me Standstill…cause I f*ckin just stand still” – Come Thru

“Stand strong in the paint, see me hold my pivot…Or you can catch me in LA, with a Mexican midget” – Head Bussa

“And you can ask the Jake, they call me Know Sh*t, cause everytime they question me, I don’t know sh*t” – Head Bussa

If you notice his green chain in the pic above, it’s designed like a box of Newport cigarettes.  However, he put his own spin to it and they’re called Noreports.  See below.


Also, if you have some free time on your hands and want to laugh, watch his Noreality TV and his Nore on a Diet videos on Youtube.  Funny sh*t!

Here are some music videos for you:

Phone Time

Blood Money


one yourself.

hmmmm….. WHAT!?!?!? Ohhhh…..OK!!!

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Yo, I really don’t have much to say right now, which is kinda weird.  However, I feel obligated to post something since I haven’t done so since this weekend.  Usually, I can wax unpoetically ad nauseum at will but, I’m drawing a complete blank right now.  Maybe it’s because I woke up this morning around 5:30 am for no reason at all.  Now it’s about 1:30 am the next day so, I guess I’m starting to fade a bit.  Plus, I’m listening to some Norah Jones so, I am essentially lulling myself to sleep as I type……………OK, this is not going to work!  I’m yawning all over the place, trying to conjure up at least one witty comment or at least say something that makes halfway sense.  I’ll just leave you all with some images below.  Nite!

dsc_20161akron-aeros-fittedThese shoes are so dope!  I alredy know that I’d catch all kinds of verbal abuse from some of you out there but, since when did I start listening to your fashion advice??  The shoes are the Nike ACG Wildwood.  I got the photo from the Standard ATL blog site.  (If you haven’t noticed, I don’t know how to imbed links into text yet, that’s why I just say the name of the site instead of linking it.  someone teach me!)  The fitted is the closest match I could find but I really didn’t spend too much time researching.  Probably be able to find some exclusive out there that matches better.  (check for the exculsive headgear)  This is the fitted for the Akron Aeros minor league baseball team.  I could pull this off.


Stuff like this is right up my alley!  My favorite is the Lego Nas cover.  The parrot replacing the pigeon cracks me up!  Shout out to Denmark!

liveearth_live4Dude is chillin HARD!

7622_d2I should have bought these when I saw these a while back!  These are hot paperweights for your desk.  I’m sure I could find them online somewhere.  Might have to do it!

bullsThe Bulls in the 90’s!!!!!!

Quick shout out to people who call you up out of the blue to ask you to co-sign on a whip for them!  one.