I gave you earth lessons…

Yo, on the real, I’m trying to go out to Colorado.  I heard dudes was getting money out there.  I’m trying to be out there.  Plus I heard it’s real nice out there.  Clean air, mountains and sh*t.  I could appreciate that.  But back to the money.  I’ll go out there, put some work in and get my dough up.  Yeah, that’s a plan.  I wonder if the airlines have discount deals to Colorado since it’s so cold.  I figued that maybe people wouldn’t want to leave their homes and go somewhere that’s even colder.  i read a news story that some ski resorts in Vermont were closing because it was too cold to be outside.  hopefully the same thing is happening out in colorado and I can slide out there on the cheap.  that’s what’s up.  plus, colorado has a hot state flag.  that’s another reason to skate to the mountains.  be up in the lodge, kickin it, sipping some hot choclate, rockin a snorkel.  cop a snowboard and get busy with that real quick.  yeah, i can rock with Colorado.

Here’s the state flag:


PLUS… Triple F.A.T. Goose is back!  I’d have to get my cold gear up before I go out there so it all works out!





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