three cuts in your eyebrow, tryin to wildout…

Sup!  I think it’s safe to say that most of you who know me know that I have a vivid imagination or at least know that I have a creative side to my personality.  If you didn’t know, I’m telling you right now that I have a vivid imagination and a creative side to my personality.  Ok, now we’re all on the same page!  I’ve been this way since a kid so my brother has had the long term benefit of hearing about all the wild scenarios that flow through my head.  Seriously, sometimes what’s going on in my head is the equivalent of a movie about Wichita, Kansas but it’s being filmed in Tokyo, Japan and Abuja, Nigeria with actors from the United States  but who always speak with really bad fake British accents.  The movie is in English but also has English subtitles.  And it’s in 3D but they don’t give you the glasses when you enter the theater.  Yeah, it’s that serious!

(oh, by the way, I had some requests to type with correct punctuation, correct spelling, capital letters and use paragraphs.  well, 90% of that sh*t ain’t happenin!  However, I will start to use more paragraphs because the other day, when I was reading my own blog for like the 15th time, I managed to give myself a headache while reading one of my 26 line long paragraphs!  that’s bad since I already know what the paragraph is going to say since I did write it.  so I’ll hit the enter button a few extra times for you because you my people!)

Aiight, back to my vivid imagination and the creative side of my personality.   So with the wild stuff that runs through my dome, I also figured that there is no one else out there who thinks of the stuff I do.  however, with the millions of people in this world, odds are that there is at least one other person who thinks similar to the way you do.  I’ve recently discovered that there is someone else who’s on a similar wavelength as me – scary!  Here’s the quick scenario –

I’ve got this character in my head, I guess it’s really me, but dude is one of those people who never really has a job, pretty scruffy looking, has all of his belongings in a small backpack, doesn’t really have a home but he does drive all around the country in a white van.  He posts up in different cities, kicks it for a while, meets people, drinks beers, does his thing and then hops back in his white van and keeps it movin.  This isn’t a nice van or anything, it’s one of those vans you see painters and plumbers driving around in.  All dinted up, kinda dirty but it’s got 4 wheels and it starts up so, dude is good money.  Below is a pic of what the van would look like.


(Another quick side note, ever notice when you do a image search for ANYTHING on google, some type of porn pops up?  Seriously, I typed in “white van” and the pic below popped up.  not 100% porn but how it’s related to a white van I have zero clue.)


(She got a little booty on her… niiice!  LOL!  But what’s up with dude’s retarded pinky toe on his right foot?  Why is it so damn long?)

Alight, if you are still reading this because this is a crazy long post, back to my story… So I was on one of my favorite hip hop websites, Nah Right, a while back and to my HORROR, I saw this!!!!

jake-one-white-van-cvrWHAT!!!!  WTF!!!  What are the odds that anyone else actually thinks of white vans???  Seriously!  WHITE VANS!?!?  I really didn’t know how to feel about this.  I felt violated!  I mean, you like to think that your ideas are original but sometimes someone beats you to the punch – even with the most random stuff!  But seriously thou…white vans?  dude… How is this possible???  But to Jake One’s credit, dude’s album has some hot stuff on it!  I’ll have to find a way to meet dude one day and I have to ask him where his white van idea came from.  crazy!  Here’s a video from the album, track is crazy!  One.

Jake One ft. Freeway & Brother Ali – The Truth

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