good people hold you down!

yo, what up!  I wanted to check in with all my fans (all maybe 1 or 2 of you) and give a little update on my situation.  This has been a great week!  And NO, I’m not talking about Big Homie B.H.O.!  It’s time for dude to get to work!  All the partyin and bullsh*ttin he did this week was cool and much deserved but, it’s time for dude to get on his grind and start balancing a budget or somethin!  Trust me, I know there’s plenty of budgets out there to be balanced!  Got my W2 back from 2008 and these suckas took most of my damn money!!!  So, since I can’t even afford to splash in the kidde pool, never mind make it rain, B.H.O. needs to get his butt in the Oval Office and crack open a calculator!

But I digress…. what I was referring to about being a great week was about it being my birthday week!  Even though some believe “It Ain’t About You…,” that’s where you’re WRONG my friends!  It is all about ME!  Yep, it’s all about this guy!  If you haven’t noticed, there are probably only two consistent themes on this blog:

1) Each post is pretty much inconsistent with the previous post and will most likely be inconsistent with the next post.

2) I’m kinda feelin myself.

Yeah, I am feeling myself.  Nothing wrong with that.  I’ve been called cocky before but, never arrogant.  Cocky is OK but I know if I start hearing the work arrogant, I’ll need to start checking myself.  But I’ll worry about that if or when I get to that point.  Until then, I’ll keep basking in the shine that is me!  However, even with all the mighty excellence that I do possess, I do know where my limits are!  One being almost anything to do with the kitchen!

Seriously, I have some kinda mental block when it comes to pots and pans and sh*t.  I mean, I can make a meal for myself when I really have to but I usually choose not to 99.6% of the time.  Why should I have to think about what I’m going to eat later on in the day when I’m not hungry right now?  Makes no sense!  And then the actual process of making a meal is just way too long!  Can’t handle it!  That’s why they invented the microwave for people like me!  Just think about this, really wrap your mind around this – I can put something in the microwave or the “magic box” as I sometimes refer to it, to myself, and in usually less than 3 minutes, I have a hot meal!  3 minutes vs. 30 minutes of food prep and another 30 of cooking time – that’s like one hour people!  In that time, in my world, I can watch Around the Horn and PTI and eat like 3 meals!  OK, now I know what you’re going to say next – microwaved food isn’t good for you!  That’s where you are WRONG again my friends!!!

Ever heard of Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice??  They have the words “lean” and “healthy” in their product names, that means they’re good for me!  Product names don’t lie!  Even better nowadays, Trader Joe’s has almost any kinda dish you can imagine in microwave form!  I mean…seriously, how can you do better than that??  Well, actually there is a way to do better… when someone else makes the food for you!!!  YEEAAHH son!!!

This is what I was initially going to write about in this post but, as you see, I got off on a bit of a tangent.  For my b’day, my homegirl came thru the crib and made me a b’day dinner and a cake!  The dinner was crazy good!  Some teriyaki noodle and shrimp dish.  Off the meters!  She definitely looked out for the kid, as she usually does!  She’s fully aware of my aversion to the kitchen so, she comes thru about once or twice a month and makes me some food.  She calls it “saving me from myself,” which I can admit I am definitely in need of from time to time.  The cake is crazy too – two layers with mad chocolate frosting!  Definitely a good b’day for the kid!

My message to the people today is: Know when you have great friends and let them know that you really appreciate them!  We all usually take our friendships for granted so, my goal is to let as many of my friends know this year that I really appreciate their friendship.  I told my homegirl that she was a great friend and I’m pretty sure she appreciated hearing that.  She told me the same in return and I really appreciated it.  I’m not the most emotional person in the world but, Hallmark moments are good for the mind, body & soul.  Especially during your b’day week.  (See, this is still about ME!)  So recognize when you have good people around you!  They hold you down!

Here are some pics to brighten up this post a bit:

ladies-mens-roomI found this online while searching for images of bathroom signs for a branding project I worked on.  It’s from some restaurant somewhere.  Pretty funky.  I might print it out and put both signs on my bathroom door since I only have one bathroom.

padma3_chuckhodesPadma Lakshmi from Top Chef on Bravo.  Very sexy! You would think with her being on this show, I could actually sit down and learn a thing or two about the kitchen?  However, I even found a way around doing that.  I just put the show on, turn the volume up and continue doing whatever I was doing.  When I hear her voice during the elimination sessions, that’s when I actually pay attention to the show.
I know….terrible!

polo-blk2Iconic brand.  Never goes out of style.  Classic.

super1That’s Koji Murofushi in the middle holding that ball on a string.  That’s the hammer throw event.  Dude is nasty!

audi_s5_front_mfr_430The Audi A5/S5 is a real good look.

keyshia-bday-chow3smMs. Cole is doing it crazy big these days!!!

bedtime. one.


One Response to “good people hold you down!”

  1. Good…but very sad at the same time post my friend. One must learn how to feed oneself. It’s very important! Plus, microwave rays will kill you over time! Be careful…be very careful!

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