hmmmm….. WHAT!?!?!? Ohhhh…..OK!!!

Yo, I really don’t have much to say right now, which is kinda weird.  However, I feel obligated to post something since I haven’t done so since this weekend.  Usually, I can wax unpoetically ad nauseum at will but, I’m drawing a complete blank right now.  Maybe it’s because I woke up this morning around 5:30 am for no reason at all.  Now it’s about 1:30 am the next day so, I guess I’m starting to fade a bit.  Plus, I’m listening to some Norah Jones so, I am essentially lulling myself to sleep as I type……………OK, this is not going to work!  I’m yawning all over the place, trying to conjure up at least one witty comment or at least say something that makes halfway sense.  I’ll just leave you all with some images below.  Nite!

dsc_20161akron-aeros-fittedThese shoes are so dope!  I alredy know that I’d catch all kinds of verbal abuse from some of you out there but, since when did I start listening to your fashion advice??  The shoes are the Nike ACG Wildwood.  I got the photo from the Standard ATL blog site.  (If you haven’t noticed, I don’t know how to imbed links into text yet, that’s why I just say the name of the site instead of linking it.  someone teach me!)  The fitted is the closest match I could find but I really didn’t spend too much time researching.  Probably be able to find some exclusive out there that matches better.  (check for the exculsive headgear)  This is the fitted for the Akron Aeros minor league baseball team.  I could pull this off.


Stuff like this is right up my alley!  My favorite is the Lego Nas cover.  The parrot replacing the pigeon cracks me up!  Shout out to Denmark!

liveearth_live4Dude is chillin HARD!

7622_d2I should have bought these when I saw these a while back!  These are hot paperweights for your desk.  I’m sure I could find them online somewhere.  Might have to do it!

bullsThe Bulls in the 90’s!!!!!!

Quick shout out to people who call you up out of the blue to ask you to co-sign on a whip for them!  one.


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