I cook coke in goya…

Yo.  I was talking to my brother a little while ago and we were talkin about some of our favourite albums.  By far, one of my most favourite albums is The War Report by Capone-N-Noreaga!  This is a east coast hip hop classic!  Capone is real smooth over the beats on some laid back, thugged out, pimpish sh*t.  Nore is just hyped up and completely out of control!  He held it down thou cause Capone went to jail while they were recording the album.


Nore is one of my favourite solo artists too.  He has some of best one-liners out there!  Here’s some of my favourites:

“Yo man what’s up son…what’s the deal man, we gonna revolt?  We gonna revolt this revolution man and just start wildin man?” – Intro (War Report)

“That’s the second time yo….taste that…is it gettin your sh*t numb…is it?” – Stick You

“Yeah, it’s nothin, cause I’m gettin bread, crack is dead, b*tches wanna give me head” – Phone Time

“But last night I’m wit Wesley Snipes, gettin drunk in Cheetah’s just feelin aiight” – Cocaine Business

“I had to bounce in the limo, get somthin to eat…Ay yo, I’m bouncin in the limo gettin somthin to eat” – Cocaine Business

“I rolled the window down and I said what’s up…I said f*ck you, then I rolled the sh*t back up” – Cocaine Business

“Bullet proof vest feelin like an couch on me” – Cocaine Business

“They call me Standstill…cause I f*ckin just stand still” – Come Thru

“Stand strong in the paint, see me hold my pivot…Or you can catch me in LA, with a Mexican midget” – Head Bussa

“And you can ask the Jake, they call me Know Sh*t, cause everytime they question me, I don’t know sh*t” – Head Bussa

If you notice his green chain in the pic above, it’s designed like a box of Newport cigarettes.  However, he put his own spin to it and they’re called Noreports.  See below.


Also, if you have some free time on your hands and want to laugh, watch his Noreality TV and his Nore on a Diet videos on Youtube.  Funny sh*t!

Here are some music videos for you:

Phone Time

Blood Money


one yourself.


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