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If I don’t understand this….

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(This very well may be my last post because there’s a good chance I’m gonna get sued and/or shot for the sh*t I’m about to write!)

Yeah….what’s really good with this picture?  This was taken back in January when Kanye & Co. ventured over to Paris for fashion week.  Now, I am a fan of high fashion.  Granted, a lot of the stuff is useless and not practical, but I’m a big fan of the creativity used in the design work and advertising.  For example…

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be back soon…

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Hey everyone.  Sorry for the dead silence all week but I’ve had some major computer problems and today my computer finally crashed on me!  Luckily I have an older computer that is serving as a sufficient backup.  I hope to have some new material up soon!  Stay tuned….


two pics…

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I found these two pics online and I have to share them because I find them hilarious!!!

ultimateThis is just insane!  However, I think it may be staged because three of the people in the background are looking directly at the guy who’s about to get his balls punted across the room!  One of girls in the back even has a camera. It’s either staged or this is a terrible prank and this guy is the only one in the room who has no clue that his ability to have children is about to be decreased by at least 35%!!!   Look at this kicking chick’s face!!!  What a beast!!  He must have done some f*cked up sh*t!!!

superheroAiight, this is funny in too many ways to count!  Why you would allow yourself to get photographed while wearing this suit is beyond me!  Why this person even put the suit on in the first place confuses the hell out of me!  But I still have one question???

Is this a man or woman???

12 am on my way to the club……

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Yo….You Already Know Who It Is!  It’s me back on my grizzly, bringing you the newest, flyest, dopest, craziest, illest and most ridiclouousest blog in the universe!  You all came here to get it in real quick so, we gonna get back at it.

We were scheduled to have Miss New Booty continue her interview with Mr. Books, but apparently he’s still on that phone call that he received like 3 days ago.  And I really have no clue where the hell Miss New Booty is right now!  I did pay her for the first half of the interview she did this week so, there’s a good chance she’s somewhere smoking up that “check!”


I’m sure she’ll come back around when she needs to re-up.  In the meantime, I’m gonna drop some functional fashion knowledge on you all!

I got give credit to my homegirl, the Doctor, who put me on to this.  She told me about these shoes by this brand called Vibram.  Since I’m always on the look out for new gear, I checked out the site.  They got some hot sh*t on there!

They’ve got a bunch of different shoe styles, but it seems like they mainly focused on  the outdoor lifestyle kinda demographic.  You know…those hiking, canoeing, granola eating, no shower taking, acid dropping, free loving and  tree hugging type motherf*ckers.   Well I ain’t really on that type of sh*t, but I recognize fly sh*t when I see it!  I was especially intrigued by thier Five Fingers line.

5-fingersI already know what you all are saying!  WTF are those??  Where the f*ck you are going wearing those sh*ts on your feet??  This fool has definitely lost his mind!!  Blah, Blah, Blah!  You know what???  Ya’ll need to stimulate your   minds!  Think outside of the box, bubble, triangle or whatever you got your minds stuck up in!  I’m about to school all of you real quick!!

Like I said, Vibram intended these for those outdoor types, but even they are missing out on a HUGE market!!!  What is that market???  All of you who stay in the CLUB!!  Of course, you all are cursing me out again right now telling me I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about!  Well, like I said….I’m about to school you REAL QUICK!!!

Ok, here’s the scenario.  It’s Friday evening around 7pm.  You’ve talked to all your people and you’ve decided you are going to hit the club tonight.


You know, just say f*ck it and let loose!  Get a lil sippy, get your lil grind on, your lil flirt on, basically just do your thing.

So you at the crib trying on different outfits, trying to find something that fits and feels just right.  Finally, after a few hours – you’re looking good!  You’re hair is just right….

presentation1000You all lotioned up, tanned up and teeth are gleaming….


But most importantly, your gear is fitting TIGHT!!!!!


Your peoples come scoop you and you all head to the club.  The line outside is mad long but you all are FOCUSED.  When you get inside, it’s packed and the scene is crazy!


So now you do the customary look around the club to see if you know anyone there.  You’re also lookin out for people you halfway know because they will be the ones to snitch when they catch you down on all fours and lettin two people grind up on you from both sides!

Once you’ve identified that the place is pretty much hater-free, you join your crew over at the bar for a drink.  Of course the dudes with the camera and flowers are walking around!  You pass on the flowers but you and the crew decide to pose for a picture.

crew(Why are her eyes closed?)

After a couple of glasses of liquid courage, it’s time to do you thing!  There’s some good looking eye candy in the spot, people are drinkin, dancin and wildin so, it’s definitely about to get poppin!


It’s official right now!  You’re focused!  Tonight is your night!  It just might be one of those nights when you tell your crew that you’ll catch up with them tomorrow because you’ve found that special someone that’s trying to join you for a private afterparty.

wowYEAH!!!!!  It’s a wrap!  Got this!  Bout to be on a solo mission!

Aiight, now it’s just a matter of time before you’re gonna be out to go do your THING!  Time to get it in!  So you chill and dance to a few more songs.  But of course by now, the club is a mess!  Everyone’s drunk, spilling drinks, bumping into you…all you want to do is get out of there!  However, they drop YOUR SONG!!

This is the pinnacle of your night!  You already got a special someone for the night so, you grab his or her hand and take your drunk behinds onto the dance floor.  It’s going great right up until……(watch girl on left)

It’s like one of those slow motion movie scenes!  You seem to be falling forever!  The music has stopped and for some reason everyone in the club turned and looked at YOU just before you BUSTED YOUR A$$!!!!!! Your special someone comes to your rescue but you know, he or she knows and everyone else in the club knows….it’s officially a WRAP!!

You are the ONLY person who fell all night long.  There is no way that your special someone (who’s slowly inching further and further away) is going to leave the club with you!  They are not going to be known as the one who left the club with the person who did a swan dive onto the dance floor!

With this unfortunate turn of events, miraculously you are now instantly sober.  And since you’re crew is not ready to leave yet, all you can do is go take a seat as far away from the dance floor as possible and just wait until their drunk a$$es are ready to go.

Has this ever happened to you?  Have you ever seen this happen to someone else?  Luckily, I’ve never been “that person,” but if YOU have been – it’s OK!  We have a solution!

The Vibram Five Fingers shoes!!!!


C’mon now, just think about it.  Do you think you would have slipped and busted you a$$ if you were rockin these?  HELL NO!! Sh*t, if you were wearing these, you could have done like 6 backflips, ended it with a split and been straight!!!!  No slip, no slide, no stumble!  You nothin but good money all night long!

So you’re kinda on-board with the kicks, but now you’re worried about matchin with your outfit, right?  Don’t worry – we got you!!

We already showed you two pairs, the blue for the ladies and black for the gents.  Below we got the white & peach for the women and some brown joints for the dudes.  See…the flavors are ridiculous!  It’s crazy.  Like I said, we got you!!!


Now I know some dudes out there aren’t into all that dancing and stuff.  You all are more on that thuged out tip, just laid back gettin sippy and hollerin at shortys.  No need to worry – we got you too!

copy-of-flow-camoSee, we got the camo joints!  Rock it with an Army jacket, bubble vest, snorkel or even a just a Russell Athletic hoodie!  Regardless, you straight kid!

OK, I’ve done a lot of talking and promoting these shoes.  But don’t just take my word for it!  Let me show you visual proof that these shoes work wonders in the club!  We even have actual quotes from satisfied customers!

stalker“Yo son, these kicks have elevated my numbers incredibly!  Before, I’d approach chicks and they would run away from me with the quickness.  But with the Vibram Five Finger joints, I’m like a f*ckin ninja!  I creep up on chicks from behind and grind up on them mad quick before they even know what hit them!  I’m never goin to the club without them!”   –  5 Finger Ninja

on-the-low“Hey, what’s up man.  Sorry I can’t show my face because I’m married and this chick is just my jump off.  You know how it is out here brother!  But yeah, with the Vibram Five Fingers, my wife never hears me leaving the house!  She thinks I’m downstairs in the basement playing Xbox all night, but I really up in the club creepin.  Definitely recommend these to brother’s like me who are married, but still dating.” – 5 Finger Creeper

two“Dude, look at me!  I’m dancing with TWO hot b*tches!  TWO!  This never happened to me before – ever!  I owe my life to my Five Fingers!  F*ck all day, f*ck all night – I really love these hoes!!!”  – Five Finger Believer

chillin“Baby, these Five Fingers have got me so relaxed that I don’t even care that this crazy lookin fool has his arm around me!  What the hell is really going on with that curly mess on the top of his head anyways?  Whatever… since I started wear these, I never leave the club with my feet hurting anymore!  All you chicks out there need to recognize!” – Five Finger Diva

The people have spoken!  Vibram Five Fingers are the wave of the future!  Get on board or keep bustin your a$$ in the club!

Big Things Poppin…..

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Yo!  Got two big announcements to make!!!  First, we’ve hired our first freelance correspondent!!  This young woman hails from Atlanta, Georiga (I still refuse to call it the ATL or the A) and goes by the name of Miss New Booty (yes, just like the Bubba Sparxxx song and YES fellas…the name DOES match the ass personality).


Miss New Booty (MNB) will be our special reporter on whatever she damn feels like because she’s just got it like that!  In case you were wondering….no, I did not just come up on like 100 stacks….

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1 month strong!!!!

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Can you believe it people?  Yesterday was the ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY of my You Already Know Who It Is blog!!!!!!!  Honestly, I didn’t even know this until I started feeling myself again this morning and began reading some of my past posts.  I feel like I’ve been doing this thing for about a year – not just one month!  Time does fly when you have the dopest blog on the internet!

To honour myself and my first post, I’m gonna re-post the clip that STILL makes me laugh even though I’ve seen it too many times to count.

4gdlw87Look at the bear in the back on the left!  They’re all doing their thing, but the bear is coming real smooth with it.  Dude in the suit is like “yeah, I got this hot a$$ bear suit and I dancing in this hot a$$ weather, but I’m still killin these suckas out here!  I ain’t even sweating yet!”  Still makes me smile!

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bamboo earrings, at least two pair….

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yo, what’s good?  I’ve been meaning to write about this for a minute, but just never got around to it.  matter of fact, some other dudes used the title of this post before I did – guess great minds think alike!  this is about my love of chicks who rock bamboo earrings!  I really don’t know why I like it so much, but I just do!  I’m talkin like 13 letter full first names on them and everything!  The only thing that I can think of that kick started my infatuation was seeing chicks rockin them back when I was real young living in Mattapan.  Guess I’m going thru my 2nd childhood…..

By the way….we’re doing a video shoot at my crib in May!

Ladies send in your tapes!


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