He Hate Me

Yo, I’ve decided to build upon yesterday’s Grimemart hate story and turn this into a full week of “hate” rants.  This week shall now be know as the “He Hate Me” series.

he-hate-meSince I really don’t have a whole lot of things that I personally hate, I’ve decided to make this a little more interactive and open it up for guest haters.    This next posting is from a good friend named 1st Hate.  1st Hate did a really good job on this one!

“I still hate because I am!”

As a matter of fact, my hate has only grown as I’ve watched the nonsense unfold around me. It is actually amazing the amount of real hate I have inside, it can’t be healthy. No one should be able to hate like this, but here I am anyways, hating with the purest, most uncut hate the world has ever seen.

As a matter of fact I hate this website, The Good News Network, and the pansies who write for it. I hate them and I hate Pandas… Yes — Pandas! I saw a man try and give a panda a hug on TV and the f*cker mauled him… Yes I hate that man for being stupid, but I also hate that panda for mauling a hugger…a stupid, witless hugger!  It’s not that dumb man’s fault he was born brainless!

I hate my bosses for lying to me and bringing me onboard under the belief that they were a half decent company. I hate staff reductions that leave me as the answer guy for just about everything in this ponzi-scheme… I hate them and I hate my job! Stupid, stupid job!!!

I hate my salary, as I watch people doing less make more than me, and I hate my co-workers for breathing my air. I hate conference calls, and I hate people calling my phone line to give me the same witless answers to sh*tty questions that I don’t give a good god damn about!

I hate so much!!!!

Excellent first post by 1st Hate!

So for the next 7 days or so, the He Hate Me series is open for business!  If you have a good rant that falls in-line with the He Hate Me series, send it in for consideration.  You may wake up and see your rant posted!  However, I do have a few guidelines:

1) No real names!  Make up a name if you have to, but this is not meant to cause any harm.  It’s just for laughs.

2) No cursing: You can curse, but it has to come in the form like such: sh*t, fu*ker, @$$hole, etc.

3) It has to make me laugh.  If I don’t laugh at it, it’s not going up.

Now to keep things fair, I do take bribes!  Money is much appreciated, but it doesn’t have to come in that form.  Get creative with it!  For example, if you’re a chick with a fatty and you send me a nice backshot picture – you best believe your rant will be posted!   (Disclaimer: All materials sent to youalreadyknowwhoitis become personal property of youalreadyknowwhoitis and will not be returned.  And what youalreadyknowwhoitis does with the materials is none of your damn business!)  If you’re a dude and you try to do the same thing – I will call Chris Hanson and you will appear on the next episode of To Catch a Predator!!!  To each is own, but that’s just not my thing.

But like I said earlier, there isn’t a whole lot that I really hate in this world.  So in an effort to keep this blog in balance, I will post some anti-hate things after each posting.  enjoy.


Tito.  That’s all I have to say.

Tom f*ckin Brady!  Millions have tried to hate, but you just can’t.  I mean, what do you say, “dude, you date supermodels and win super bowls….you’re loser!”  Nah, just doesn’t work.

pam-grier1Pam Grier is a goddess!  I just dare you to hate!!!!!


I’m not going to even say anything because we all know it’s not possible.



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