face game…

sup.  again, I’m sorry to report that due to a 3rd night of high quality sleep, I still don’t have my mojo back!  this is bad.  I’m gonna start losing my momentum!  Well, actually I did get my first post from someone I do not know.  already forgot dudes name.  he posted in the “insomnia’s a b*tch” post.  i could just look over at the post and read his name, but…nah.  nothin personal my dude.

i’m gonna keep this pretty short.  for those of you who don’t know and that’s all of you except for maybe 2 or 3 of you, I have regrown my beard.  I started growing one late last year, but I had an unfortunate accident with some clippers so, I had start fresh.  this sucka itches like hell!!!  i mean, most days I’m good money – no itch, i keep it movin.  but this afternoon I started suffering from face growth flare up!  it sucked!  I had to “wash” my beard with rubbing alcohol just to help with the itch!  see what we men have to go thru!!!

I plan on letting this thing grow out for a bit.  here’s some visuals to give an example of about where I am now.

slide13Decent start, but this is the level where I’d really tryin to be at!


These dudes are holdin it down for real!  Really can get more official that this!   FYI – dude on the bottom does NOT have a mini-belly.  That’s a full blow gut!  I am no where near this dudes level, nor do I want to be!  true story.  however, I am thinkin about getting my face tatted up.  i mean “iron” mike tyson did it!

beard-gameDude is still doin his thing.  he’s good money!

I’ll keep you all posted on my face game progress.  hope the weekends are going well.


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