1 month strong!!!!

Can you believe it people?  Yesterday was the ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY of my You Already Know Who It Is blog!!!!!!!  Honestly, I didn’t even know this until I started feeling myself again this morning and began reading some of my past posts.  I feel like I’ve been doing this thing for about a year – not just one month!  Time does fly when you have the dopest blog on the internet!

To honour myself and my first post, I’m gonna re-post the clip that STILL makes me laugh even though I’ve seen it too many times to count.

4gdlw87Look at the bear in the back on the left!  They’re all doing their thing, but the bear is coming real smooth with it.  Dude in the suit is like “yeah, I got this hot a$$ bear suit and I dancing in this hot a$$ weather, but I’m still killin these suckas out here!  I ain’t even sweating yet!”  Still makes me smile!

Since it’s Valentine’s day weekend and Hallmark is making a killing right now – I figured I’d do a post to show a little love to some famous couples that were, almost were, and now no longer together.

First, here’s a shout out to two brothers, Dee & Ricky, who are coming up in the fashion game.  They took a real simple idea and made it fashionable.

v-day1They took Legos and made them into heart shaped pins and belt buckles.  Personally, I couldn’t rock something like this but I do give them a lot of credit for their creativity!  They sell for up to $100 a pop so, you’re definitely cakin when when you can go to a toy store and buy a box of legos for like $5 and flip that into $100!  much respect.


Dude’s are young too so, they could definitely become the next big thing in the fashion world.

And now on to the couples…..

This couple is definitely rockin their love strong these days!  One of them is going thru a very difficult and public  rough patch in life and the other has been there the whole time holding down the relationship.

khaled-rawssDJ Khaled and Rick Raw$$ are definitely weathering the storm together!  Raw$$ has been outed as a former Correctional Officer, his financial records have been made public and show that he is essentially broke, his ex-girl is fighting him for child support and Half Dollar (50 cent) is doing everything in his power to make his life a living hell!  Half dollar has put out video footage of him taking Raw$$’ baby mama shopping in NYC and has put out other diss records/videos  in an attempt to put Raw$$ thru the ringer.  However, thru all of this, Khaled has had his back!  With what Raw$$ is goin thru, he could have easily told dude to loose his number, but he’s stuck with him.  Now, I don’t know if this move will be detrimental to Khaled’s career, but obviously he’s willing to take that risk!  That’s true luv!

This next couple had true star power together!  They really didn’t do anything but they still managed to capture our hearts and make some money in the process!


Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.  Just to clarify, Paris Hilton is not cute!  She’s got that praying mantis thing going on that just really isn’t that attractive.  But on the flipside, Kim is a dope chick!  The above pics really don’t do her justice, but shorty’s tight.

We have to give credit where credit is due.  Please correct me if I am wrong about this, but to my knowledge, these two are the only couple to EVER to put their own SEPARATE sex tapes!


Call it what you want but these were major Power Moves on their parts!  Totally unprecedented!  Granted these two have since broken up and gone their separate socialite ways, but while together, they managed to totally redefine the meaning of “f*cking your way to the top!”  Girl Power!

This next one is for my business heads out there…

v-day3The relationship that almost was….Former Merrill Lynch CEO and Bank of America.  To state it bluntly, this guy had balls!  If you’ve been watching the news about all the major bank failures over the last couple of months, you’ve probably heard this guy’s name.  As his bank was on the brink of tumbling over into the Hudson River, he managed a firesale of Merrill to Bank of America, which almost took down B of A with it!  If you almost manage to tank two major banks in a year – that’s not luck, that’s f*ckin skill!

However, I have to give him some credit – when he took over the top post at Merrill, he inherited a very bad situation that was gift wrapped with a kiss and left to him by Stan O’Neal.  However, as we’ve recently learned, he did a few things that helped himself and his boys more so than the bank and its customers.

In early 2008, he spent $1.22 million on renovating his office, two conference rooms and a reception area.  This included spending $35K on a toilet and $1400 on a wastebasket!  WTF??!  $35K for something you’re going to piss all over??  Now, I have had the luxury of seeing the executive offices of some major corporations – they’re f*ckin nice!  But I don’t think the ones I’ve seen are $1.22 million nice!    I’m looking around my “office” (which also doubles as my bedroom) as I’m typing this and I’d be shocked if I spent $1,200!  That’s including my computer, printer and my bed!

And not to be outdone by himself, as the Merrill sale was being finalized, he pushed up the employee bonus payments to December so his boys were to sure to get their dough up before B of A took over the operations.  Then in the next few weeks, Merrill announced a $15 billion Q4 loss that B of A claimed they did not see coming.  This is some impressive sh*t but hold on….there’s more!

The coup de grace to Thain’s career came as bank CEO’s were hopping their private jets to DC to grovel for their piece of the $700 billion pie in the sky, he asked to be paid his $10 million bonus.  Now to be fair, he did arrange the sale of Merrill to B of A.  Now if he didn’t get the sale done, the bank would have collapsed so, the logic doesn’t really equate to a job well done, but more like he dodged a platinum and diamond tipped bullet with his name engraved on the side.   In any other year, they would have given him the money, but not this year when all bank CEO’s are getting a weekly shower from the spittle that sprays from Barney Frank’s mouth during his Financial Services Committee rapings meetings.

It’s pretty safe to say that John Thain is pretty much like kryptonite in the world of finance right now.  If you hire him, you’ll need to double the size of your PR department just to control the negative media attention.  Sad.  With what he managed to pull at Merrill, there was no telling what he could have done at B of A!  I’m sure he and Ken Lewis would have turned Charlotte on its head!  Too bad we’ll never know….

Now on to the wide world of sports.

2007randymoss_tombradyI really don’t want to get too deep into this one because I really don’t want to start getting all emotional and sh*t.  Yes, I was very happy for the Steelers to win the Bowl this year, but it was cheapened because Mr. Straight Cash Homie and Boy Wonder weren’t on the field together this season.  It’s just like back in 93-94 & 94-95 when the Houston Rockets won back to back titles.  Yeah, they won but they didn’t have to go thru Mike Jordan because of his brief retirement.  Guess you have to take it how you can get it.

This last one takes us back over to the music world…

v-day5This one is about the obvious divorce between Kanye and his barber!  Dude, what are you doing?  Some are calling it a mullet, some are calling it a shag, well…I’m calling it a mess!  It’s 2009 and there’s no reason to have that much hair on the back of your head!  Now I’m a Kanye fan.  Love dude’s creativity and his ability to not care what people (like me) are saying about him.  He just continues to do him.  I like to just do me too and I admit, I’ve had some rough days with my hair and beard but not to this extent!  I know dude is going thru some tough times with his mother’s passing last year, but we need an intervention here!  Dude needs to see some clippers real soon!

v-day6Dude’s got all these damn knapsacks and bags.  You’re trying to tell me that in all those bags, he can’t find one comb or a brush?  Dude, we don’t believe you – you need more people!

OK…this is a lot more than I originally intended to write.  I’ll holla later!

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