Big Things Poppin…..

Yo!  Got two big announcements to make!!!  First, we’ve hired our first freelance correspondent!!  This young woman hails from Atlanta, Georiga (I still refuse to call it the ATL or the A) and goes by the name of Miss New Booty (yes, just like the Bubba Sparxxx song and YES fellas…the name DOES match the ass personality).


Miss New Booty (MNB) will be our special reporter on whatever she damn feels like because she’s just got it like that!  In case you were wondering….no, I did not just come up on like 100 stacks….


so, I don’t have an official payroll, but luckily MNB takes payments in Dimes and Quarters, if you know what I mean…!


MNB would like to say a few words to the people:

MNB: Hey, ya’lllll!!!!  It’s your gurrrllll, Miss New Booty!  (bubble gum popping while she’s talking)


I’m here to give ya’ll all the new, sexy perspective to what’s hot out here in the A-town!   In the clubs, restaurants, nail shops, malls and everywhere else I be in the ATL!  I’m here to get those exclusives and to dish dirt on whoevers talkin sh*t!!  Look out for me here on You Already Know Who It Is so, HOLLA at urrr Gurrrlllll!!!!!

Thank you MNB!!  So with the addition of MNB to the staff, I’m proud to make our second big announcement.

You Already Know Who It Is is bringing our readers our first interview!  MNB worked her magical powers with the tools that God blessed her with and she managed to secure an interview with a dude who has the business world AND the streets on lock.  This gentlemen goes goes by the moniker of Books.


From here, I’ll let MNB take over and introduce the fans of YAKWII (we’re gonna start abbreviatin that sh*t cause it takes to damn long to type out!)

MNB: Heey boo!

Books: What’s good ma?

MNB: I’m chillin…I like ur outfit!  real handsome.


So why they call u Books?

Books: Thank you for the complement lil mama.  I keeps the fly attire on at all times, nah mean?  That’s how I get down!  But to your question, I got the name Books back when I was a little shorty running around in the hood…like whateva, whateva.  Nah mean?


There were a lot of knuclkeheads around the block…gettin in trouble…doing real stupid sh*t.  Nah mean?  You know, stick up kids and sh*t.  I wasn’t really into that getting into trouble sh*t.  I was more about gettin it in at school and gettin my stacks up, nah mean?  kept my nose in the books and money on the books!  nah mean?


MNB:  Ummm??? I really don’t know what u mean, baby.  Can you explain that to me one more time?

Books: No dobut ma.  By the way you looking real sexy right now!  I like your little dress and heels look.  real sexy and sh*t!


You the only reason why I’m doing this interview!  that’s my word, nah mean?

MNB:   Ha ha…thank you baby!  ur sweet!

Books:  But back to my resume.  Basically, I was able to find that balance, nah mean?  From a young age, I did my school thing.  Straight A’s and all that!  However, I still did my little hustle whateva, whateva on the side cause, nah mean, my folks didn’t have dough like that, you know what I’m sayin?  I was always into fly sh*t so, if I wanted that GI Joe lunchbox when I was real little or that Tommy Hill shirt when I was in jr. high school,


I had to do what I had to do to cop cause moms and pops didn’t have paper like that.  nah mean?  So as a shorty…that’s east coast slang for a young kid….

MNB:  Ooo….I was tryin to figure out why you kept sayin shawty??  I get it now…

Books: Nah, not shawty like you all say it down here.  Shorty…like a lil young’n!  Basically, since I was a shorty, I always found a way to get money by mostly legal means, nah mean.  Since we didn’t have no lemons, I had a sugar water stand on the corner when I was like 8 or 9 years old.  we didn’t even have no kool-aid!  sh*t was bananas! then when I got to jr. high, I used to rent out my older brothers sneakers.  he had like 60 pairs cause he used to hustle too!  nah mean?  studied his moves and sh*t.

sneaks1I used to sneak in his room once a week and grab like 6 or 7 pairs, nah mean?  called up my boys and told them what the colors were for the week.  rented them out for the $10 a week – know what I’m sayin?  if they got damaged, I chanrged a $50 replacement fee.  boom – easy money!  I was so slick, it took my brother almost a year to figure out why he always seemed to be missing shoes and my me and my boys were so fly!  haaaa!  I always found ways to get money, nah mean?

MNB: OK, baby!  I got where you’re at!  So what’s good with you right now?  I heard mad things about you!

Books: Oh, word?  Hope what you heard was all good, nah mean!  haaaa.  word!  Right now, I stay on mines!  I do the corporate boardroom hustle game in the day time, right?


But I still get it in on the block with them dudes at night, nah mean?


But here’s the thing, you see the way I’m dress right now?  All suited up on this dapper and fly sh*t?


I be on the block the same exact way!  Been like this for years, ma!  Years!  I stay gettin it in!  That’s why I’m Books!  I’m a 100% about business, know what I’m sayin!  I got book smarts and I keep money on the books!  All day, everyday – nah mean????  Word!  Matter of fact, I gotta take this call right here.  Get this money! Let me holla right back at you….

Stay tuned for the rest of MNB’s interview with Mr. “Stay Gettin it in” Books…… One.


3 Responses to “Big Things Poppin…..”

  1. cotterscourt Says:

    yo my dude i have to say this was some creative shit. i’m telling you fam we should collaborate and make one blog between the two of us and take this blog shit over.

  2. Dr. Oliver Says:

    hilarious. i swear YAKWII, you have to get a job doing comedy. You are hilarious. I am going to send your link to candace so she can read the vibram marketing pitch. hilarious. I just picked them up today and they are fucking awesome. I have become a black crunch granola who likes to shower. What’s up with the miss new booty pic–you are hurting my feminist side?

  3. Safeguard the health both of body and soul.

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