two pics…

I found these two pics online and I have to share them because I find them hilarious!!!

ultimateThis is just insane!  However, I think it may be staged because three of the people in the background are looking directly at the guy who’s about to get his balls punted across the room!  One of girls in the back even has a camera. It’s either staged or this is a terrible prank and this guy is the only one in the room who has no clue that his ability to have children is about to be decreased by at least 35%!!!   Look at this kicking chick’s face!!!  What a beast!!  He must have done some f*cked up sh*t!!!

superheroAiight, this is funny in too many ways to count!  Why you would allow yourself to get photographed while wearing this suit is beyond me!  Why this person even put the suit on in the first place confuses the hell out of me!  But I still have one question???

Is this a man or woman???


2 Responses to “two pics…”

  1. cotterscourt Says:

    I would say his ability to have kids decreased by like 75%. That chick put her all into that kick. It does look kind of photo shopped just because with the intensity she had in her face one would assume that the victim would have more of painful look on his face.

    that spiderman shit was crazy too. i believe that person in the picture wa a hermaphadite. where does someone get spiderman suit that big in the first place?

  2. Man do you call these people crazy or deranged. Homeboy will not be getting any for quite a while without hurting, or will he be able to get it up again. Somebody send him some Viagara, because he may need it.

    That in the spiderman suit looks to be a her but who can say these days.

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