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Billy Gates is my B*tch!!!!

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Yo.  I’m on a budget.  I f*ckin hate being on a f*ckin budget!  Excuse my coarse language, but that’s just how I’m feelin right now!  I mean, I’ve always been on a budget (just like 99% of the people in this world), so it’s not like this is some new concept to me or anything.  It’s just that my circumstances are a bit different these days.  Let me explain….

As many of you know, I was one of the 12.5 million people who were unemployed a few months ago.  Hey, sh*t happens.  Honestly, I wasn’t bitter, angry, confused or any of that type of stuff when I got laid off.  This stuff happens.  I’m just lucky enough that I only have me to take care of and not Mrs. YAKWII with 2 or 3 little YAKWII’s running around the crib.  That would be crazy!


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R U Serious?????

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Yo.  Again, sorry for the lack of new content!  It’s like I lost my flippin mojo or something??

austin-powers2Yes…it’s so bad that I’m uploading dancing images of Austin Powers to demonstrate my lack of mojo and creative mental block.  Well, since I’m starting down this path, I might as well just go all the way….

As many of my regular readers know, I usually like to come up with 100% original content and not borrow much from other blogs.  However, I saw this over at ATL Night and I had to put it up on here.  (Please note that I am giving the source full credit by naming the site and linking back to the original post.)

r-u-seriousWHAT!!! I’ve seen chicks balance champagne bottles on top of their arse and do other amazing tricks with their backside, but I can’t remember ever seeing something like this!  (At least not on regular websites, but possibly on ones that might cause my neighbor to break down my door while wielding a 3 ft. long sword.)  What’s crazy is that she’s not even flexing her butt muscles!  She’s just chillin there with the bat in her a$$ like she does this sh*t everyday.  Hmm….got my mind racing now!  Bananas!

In case you were wondering….

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In case you were wondering who that chick is who’s poppin her assets in the last post, her name is Andressa Soares.  She’s Brazilian and as far as I know, she just goes around and pops her arse for a living.  I’m being halfway serious too!  Google her and everything that pops up is related to her poppin her a$$.  I don’t think she does regular interviews without poppin her a$$ at the end.  Check this video below.  At about 1:00 minute in, why are there about 10 kids there watching her perform?  Hilarious!!!  Watch the kids because the more she dances, the more they start wildin!  This is some of the funniest sh*t I’ve seen in a while!

New Office Hours…

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Yo.  As many of you know, my schedule has recently changed so, I am no longer able to keep my previous Midnight to 5 am YAKWII office hours.  Bummer!

Many of you have already mentioned that you will miss my multiple weekly postings and I really appreciate that.  I already missing writing them!  However, thou I won’t be able to crank out 2 to 3 posts a week, my plan is to do at least one solid post a week.  I have some ideas in mind so, tune back in sometime during the weekend or early next week for my next post.

Here are some visuals to check out until I get back with you all:


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This makes me so HAPPY!!!!!

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Cowboys formally release Terrell Owens

northface and nalgene…

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What’s good everyone.  That last post was pretty messed up so, we’re gonna switch gears and get onto some other more lively sh*t.  Amazingly…Miss New Booty found her way back to the YAKWII offices and has decided to bless us with her presence.  Come to find out she was on vacation…

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Some real news

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As most of you know, we’re mainly on that bullsh*t over here at YAKWII, but I saw this news story & video and had to post it.

Teenage Girl Attacked In Jail Cell

SEATTLE (AP) — A King County sheriff’s deputy kicks a 15-year-old girl, slams her to the floor of a jail cell, strikes her and pulls her hair in violence captured on videotape.

Prosecutors released the surveillance video Friday in the assault case against Deputy Paul Schene, who is accused of using excessive force on the girl. Schene, 31, pleaded not guilty to fourth-degree assault in Superior Court on Thursday.

The incident last November began after the girl was brought in for an auto theft investigation, according to court documents. The footage shows the attack beginning after the girl enters the cell at suburban SeaTac City Hall and kicks off one of her shoes toward the deputy.

“We believe this case is beyond just police misconduct, it’s criminal misconduct,” King County Prosecutor Daniel Satterberg said. “This is clearly excessive force.”

Schene was investigated previously for shooting two people — killing one — in the line of duty in 2002 and 2006. Both times his actions were found to be justified, said Ian Goodhew, prosecutor’s deputy chief of staff.

Calls by The Associated Press to Schene’s lawyer, Anne Bremner, were not immediately returned Friday. Bremner, however, released a statement to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in which she said the video does not tell the whole story. Bremner had asked Judge Catherine Shaffer not to release the video to the media.

“As we argued to the judge, it will inflame public opinion and will severely impact the deputy’s right to a fair trial,” Bremner said.

In the video, a deputy kicks the girl, pushing her back toward the wall. The deputy then strongly backs the girl against the wall and slams her to the floor by grabbing her hair. A second deputy enters the holding cell, while the first deputy holds the girl face down to the floor. The first deputy appears to hit the girl with his hands. The girl is then lifted up and led out of the cell while the first deputy holds her hair.

The second officer shown in the video was a trainee at the time and is not under investigation, Goodhew said.

According to court documents, the girl complained of breathing problems after the incident and medics were called to check her. A short time later, she was taken to a youth detention center and booked for investigation of auto theft and third-degree assault, the latter accusation dealing with her conduct toward the deputy. The girl has pleaded not guilty to taking a motor vehicle without permission, Goodhew said Friday, adding she was never formally charged with assault.

Schene told investigators through an e-mail conversation with his lawyer that once he was assaulted by the girl kicking her shoe at him, he entered the cell to “prevent another assault,” according to court documents. Schene also said the girl failed to comply with instructions in the holding area.

Prosecutors said Schene did not explain why he struck the girl after he had her in a holding position on the floor. (source)

“Schene, 31, pleaded not guilty to fourth-degree assault in Superior Court on Thursday.”

WTF??? Are you serious??  Not guilty?  Dude, save the taxpayers their money, handcuff yourself and take the bus down to the city jail!  This is clearly a open and shut case of excessive force!  We were all 15 yrs old at one point so, it’s easily imaginable how this went down:

Girl got arrested and taken down to the station.  Girl is a major brat so, she’s pissed and has a few choice words for the officer.  They walk her to the cell and the brat kicks her size 5 Nike at the officer as a sign of rebellion.

Typical behavior for a 15 yr old, right?  Yes!  However, what ensued after her shoe punt was NOT typical adult behavior, especially for a person who’s job is to “serve and protect!”

Now, I am not defending the girl’s actions that lead up to her getting arrested in the first place.  If she was guilty of auto theft, she deserved to get picked up by the boys in blue.  Luickly, I never got arrested as a teenager, but I did have my minor brushes with the law for some really dumb things:

1) Parties and stealing – Typical dumb teenage stuff.  Couple of close calls, but never caught by the cops.

2) Driving a moped without a license – The cop pulled me over and made me walk it back home.  He actually followed me in his car for a 1/2 mile until I got home!  Wasn’t even my moped!  Bastard!

3) Riding in the car with my boy who didn’t have a license – His mother would actually let him take the car even though he was too young to drive!  (I was younger than him!)  She would send him to the store for stuff all the time so, he would come scoop me on the way.  We used to drive all over the place like 1 or 2 years before everyone else could drive.  Of course, we got pulled over one day and the cop followed us back to his house and spoke to his mother.  We didn’t get arrested and his mother didn’t really care because after about a week, we were driving again!

4) Jumping a kid – Me and my boy (same dude who was driving) jumped this kid for talkin sh*t.  We thought we taught him a lesson until the cops came to both of our houses and spoke to our parents!  The kid’s mother was ready to press charges for assualt, but she said she wouldn’t if we apologized to her.  Of couse, we went to the kid’s house to apologize and his mother ripped us for about 30 minutes straight!  It was brutal, but way better than being sent to juvie!

So yeah, the girl deserved getting put into the cell and she was wrong for kicking her shoe at the cop.  However, how does that justify him beating the sh*t out of her?  He could have just closed the cell door!  What was she – maybe 5’3″ and 115?  She wasn’t a threat to him and had zero chance of defending herself!  And then for him to punch again her after he cuffed her!  Yeah dude, you’re a REAL MAN!!!

I understand that being a police officer is one of the most stressful jobs out there.  People who don’t know you dislike you just because of your job.  That’s tough!  However, it’s situations like these which cause people to continue disliking cops and gives good cops a really bad name.  Unfortunately, more and more stories like this keep popping up in the news.  What do they want us to think???