This sh*t is bananas….

This is Danny MacAskill, dude is sick on the bike!

I know that skateboarding is the cool thing to do these days, but I think BMX riding is way better!  I used to want to be a BMX rider when I was a kid.   Me and my friends were obsessed with Dyno’s, Mongoose’s and GT’s.  I never got one though.  I had to rock the Huffy for a good minute!  I remember watchin dudes like Dave Mirra on ESPN from time to time, before the X Games got big.   However, my BMX dreams quickly faded because my body frame didn’t exactly fit the dimensions needed to be able to pull off wild tricks on a bike.  Let’s put it this way, if I tried any of the stunts in this video, I would have immediately destroyed that bike and probably half  props he uses, including those rocks.  Football and track suited me better…

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