Identity Theft


What up.  It’s me, You Already Know Who It Is.  Today, I’m gonna give you a little more insight and give you my other also known as names:  The Fall Back Kid, The Wackest Blogger on the Internets and The Wackest Dude You Know.   I’m tryin to build up my brand beyond just YAKWII, so I figured that I’d start introducing some of my other aliases.  However, after a little online investigation, it seems like some people have tried to beat me to the punch!

I call myself the Fall Back Kid because all I’ve been doing since the beginning of this year is falling back.  I haven’t done a whole lot in 2009.  Partly cause of the job situation I mentioned previously.  Partly cause I just ain’t in the mood for it.   What I’m really tryin to do is get my mind right, so I’ve been tryin to focus on other sh*t in life so I can get back into my zone, but in a new lane.   Kinda like reinventing myself.  This blog is part of the process, helps me put all my crazy thoughts into one place.  Sh*t’s therapeutic for the kid.

So earlier, I looked up The Fall Back Kid and there’s some 17 year old kid out in the midwest who films himself lip syncing over Weird Al Yankovic songs.  I’m not even going to provide a link cause it’s just too weird.  Then I found a another person calling themselves The Fall Back Kid and he’s like 15.  I found a online photo album of him and his friends.  Bummer!  Then, I found this which just takes the cake!

Bandook – Fall Back, Kid

Huh?  What is he mumbling?  I don’t even have anything to say cause I can barely decipher what the f*ck this guy is saying.  But I will say that my favourite line is “You got a hundred fitteds, but only wear one.” What the f*ck does that even mean?  It that an insult?  I don’t know…moving on…

So my question to these people and anyone else out there using The Fall Back Kid moniker, how you just going to take a name and not use it properly?  I’m thinking about emailing a cease and desist letter to these people and see if they drop the name.  I mean, they clearly beat me to the punch, but they probably wouldn’t know any better and would just take all their stuff down, right?  With my luck, one of the kids’ parents is a lawyer and my a$$ will be dragged off to court in a copyright infringement case.  Don’t need that stress.  So I’m just gonna Debo these kids…

deeboand start using it for myself!!  Fall Back, Kids!!!! 

The REAL Fall Back Kid is here!!!

Regarding the The Wackest Blogger on the Internets and The Wackest Dude You Know names, I was gonna combine them together and just start the Wack Blog, but someone beat me to the punch on that too!

wbIf you go to the, you see a picture of these two people.  WTF!?!?  These people don’t look wack!  Matter of fact, they look f*ckin normal!  How you gonna secure the Wack Blog domain and not be real wack?  I mean, if you’ve been reading this blog with any kind of frequency, you realize that I’m like a real wack dude.  It’s not a bad thing to me, I’m just real wack.  I accept it.  I live it.  I embrace it.  I talk about sh*t that makes no f*ckin sense.  My posts have very little consistency on a week to week basis.  Overall, my sh*t is pretty weird and f*cked up.  I think that qualifies me as being a wack blog dude, nah mean?

All I want to do is continue spreading my wackness to the masses and I see that two people, who are definitely not as wack as me, posted up on the couch on the Wack Blog!  And on top of that, there’s no content on the Wack Blog?  WTF?  They could have at least thrown up some wack sh*t on the blog to make me at least think they were halfway wack, but they just squatting on the domain name.

Well, I guess the fact that their doing that makes them semi-wack.  On second thought, nah…f*ck that!  That’s just a smart power move on their part cause they know there are real wack dudes out there, like me, who will want to capitalize on the Wack Blog name so they’re holding it down so they can get paid!!  F*ckers!!!  They ain’t gettin sh*t from me!  Life goes on…

So then I just decided to look up the word “wack” online just to see what pops up.  I’ll do this in reverse order, this was the 2nd thing that popped up (kids turn your heads away):

wackjob2What the f*ck?  This sh*t ain’t wack!  This is just disturbing!  Are his balls showing??  People are sick, I tell you!  Sick!  Moving on…quickly….

This is the first thing that popped up! (kiddies, you can look again!)

wackcoverUmm….I don’t know about you, but this don’t look that wack to me.  Actually, this looks like some fly sh*t!  A book cover with like 30 butt-ass naked chicks on it is a good thing in my book.  Maybe dude with his balls showing would define this as being wack, but that’s the least of his problems!

The part that threw me off about this is the subtitle of “Art and the Feminist Revolution.”  I don’t know a whole lot about feminism, but this cover looks more like porn than feminism to me.  I mean, there’s a whole lotta titties and a$$ on there.  Maybe we’ve been misinterpreting feminism all this time??  Maybe these feminist conventions are like one giant Luke’s Freak Show??  (yep, that was a titty in the video!)  Hmmm??  Maybe I’m onto something….

After I found the book cover, I found that you can order the book here.  They don’t give you any inside the book preview, so it looks kinda suspect.  I’d be heated if I bought that book for like $60 and there ain’t no more titties and a$$ in there!  I also found that there was an art exhibit with the same title “WACK!  Art and the Feminist Revolution.”  They gotta blog going too.  I scrolled thru a few pages of the blog and definitely didn’t see any naked chicks, that’s why I’m suspect about the book.    I found this picture thou….

disband_pic_550What the f*ck is she doing?? Why does her face look like that??  This is definitely some wack sh*t, so I get it now.  This one picture alone justifies why they decided to say this exhibit is WACK! I’ll co-sign on this sh*t cause, this is some official wack sh*t!  I approve!

So to wrap this up, from this moment forward, even though I’ve run into some technical difficulties, you can now call me: You Already Know Who It Is aka The Fall Back Kid aka The Wackest Blogger on the Internets aka The Wackest Dude You Know!!!

I’m out!

P.S.  That Fall Back, Kid track is addicting!  I’ve listened to it at least 10 times today!!


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