What’s good people.  The power of the internet is crazy!  Above is a photo of the BEAUTIFUL ladies of UrbanFrugalChic.com.  How did they get over here to YAKWII?  No, I’m not an internet perv who took the photo off their site!  (Though I bet a bunch of you dudes just finished downloading the pic above, huh?  Nasty!)  Homegirl Cynthia, in the middle, left me a few comments, hit me with an email and asked me to give them a shoutout on the blog.

Since I’m a simple a$$ dude, of course I said YES!  You see their photo?  Jesus Christo!  Doesn’t take much for this guy!  (To all you dudes out there – Do not think about sending me ANYTHING!  It’s NOT going up!)  I’ve added their site to my blogroll on the right, so check them out.  See below for more photos and stay tuned for new upcoming photos of the ladies from UrbanFrugalChic.com.

keep you man



3 Responses to “UrbanFrugalChic.com”

  1. Nice post, thanks.

  2. Dr. Oliver Says:

    I’m not too pleased with the models. They are okay in the face.

  3. WHAT EVER DR OLIVER LMAO-visit us..

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