Hittin the road Jack!

Yo, I think it’s that time.  Yep, it’s definitely that time!  It’s time to take the YAKWII show on the road!!  So after about 3 minutes of planning, I’m proud to announce the…

2009 You Already Know Who It Is World Tour!!

world tour

You better know what you’re gettin into before you click “Read More!”

This blog is so dope and so crazy that it’s time that we bring YAKWII to the millions few hundreds of people who don’t know about us.  Obviously these people don’t have a flippin clue about the hottest sh*t on the internets, cause if they did I wouldn’t have to do this f*ckin tour!  You think I want to do this?  Hell Nah!  I like sleeping in my own bed every night, but when duty calls, you have to do your thing.

YAKWII is my thing.  I am YAKWII.  The people must know YAKWII.  The people must know that YAKWII is more than a blog… YAKWII is a lifestyle.  YAKWII is a movement.  YAKWII is a culture.

YAKWII is that last drink you should have never had at the club and now you’re passed out in a parking lot, ass naked and are about to become the next star of those “Priceless” ads.


YAKWII is that special thing your girl won’t do for you anymore, but she did it for your boy when you were out of town last week.


(I was talking about making dinner, get your mind right!)

YAKWII is that old dude still gettin crazy buns at the nursing home.  (True story, read about it!)

old-peopleYAKWII is Horace Grant’s goggles.


YAKWII is Rock, Paper and Scissors all at the same time!


YAKWII is Ghostface’s Eagle Bracelet.


YAKWII is the gravity that has ZERO effect on Scarlett Johansson.  God bless her!


YAKWII is Smilez & Southstar.

YAKWII is that condom you didn’t bring and now you have the hottest girl EVER in bed with you.


YAKWII is NOT that burning sensation you get every time you take a piss now!


YAKWII is the Thundercats on Saturday mornings in the 80’s.  Word.


YAKWII is that can of “Ass Sheen” that gives model chicks that special sexy glow.

Ass sheenMan, do I love me some Khrysti Hill!!!  Look at that ass shine!!

As you can see, YAKWII is many things.  I could literally go on forever, but I don’t have time for that.  I got sh*t to do.  This is just a preview of what is to come on the YAKWII World Tour.  Be on the lookout cause we coming to a city near you!  If you’re a shorty with a fatty and you want a can of “Ass Sheen” applied by the one and only YAKWII – holla at the kid!   (YAKWII reserves the right to be selective so come correct!)  Stay tuned for more information, but in the meantime, we have a question for you….. What is YAKWII to you??


2 Responses to “Hittin the road Jack!”

  1. soteria Says:

    Interesting…but my fatty already has a nice sheen…thanks anyway…

  2. Syn Lane Says:

    THUNDERCATS IN THE 80’S!!!!! when life was good, bill free, you couldnt tell me shidddddddd! (c. clay davis)

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