Antwuan Dixon

120800_20Yo.  I don’t really know that much about Antwaun Dixion but I do know this dude must be out of his flippin mind!  Dude’s a pro skateboarder and obviously a tattoo connoisseur.  I don’t have any tatts yet, but I starting to seriously consider one.  However, I will most definitely NOT be getting  one on my FACE!  That’s just insane to me!  He is litterally running out of room on his FACE for tattoos!  Do women find this attractive??  I mean, what do you do when you stop skating?  I usually follow the mantra “to each is own” BUT this is just too wild for me to not say anything.  God Bless!


Antwuan Dixon Thrasher Cover


This girl obviously regrets her face tattoos!

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