When is football season starting???

I can’t deal with this baseball stuff!  Only every now and then I can sit myself down long enough to watch an inning or two, but I’m just not built for that.  I need football seaon to start…SOON!


I mainly want to watch the return of Tom “the secret man-crush of 50% of straight men” Brady.


I think dude’s gonna tear sh*t up this year!  However, I’m also waiting in anticipation for that first 60 yard bomb down field from Mr. Rex “F*ck it, I’m goin deep” Grossman!!!


Soldier Field

He’s got a new start with the Texans, but I know he’s still got some of that old “Sexy Rexy” left in him!  Granted, I lot of people hate on Rex, but I like dude.  The guy has balls of steel!  No matter what the f*ck the coach just told him to do or how many guys are back in coverage – he doesn’t give a sh*t – the guy is still gonna drop back in the pocket and launch a homerun heave down field whenever the hell he feels like it!!!  I love it!!  Can’t wait!!!


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