Spaz outs…

This is F*CKIN HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

Yo, I was just talking to my brother and I was telling him that I’m due for my annual spaz out.  Now, I act nowhere near like the kid in the video above, (what the f*ck was he trying to do with that remote control anyways???) but I have lost my sh*t before on a few occasions.

To break it down, I’d have to say that 80% of the time I’m pretty much laid back, just kickin it…


18% of the time I’m just wildin and spittin that nonsense….


and 2% of my time is devoted to pullin a Ron Artest, Jermaine O’Neal & Stephen Jackson (minus the violence thou, for the most part).

Actually, I’m more like Dame Dash when I spaz out…

Now, I don’t just spaz out randomly, it’s after I’ve been provoked and/or annoyed, generally, over a long period of time.  Then all of the sudden I loose it!  A few of my spaz out moments include:

  • Spazing out on my drunk and high uncle who was over the crib talkin sh*t.
  • Spazing out on some friends at college after a prank gone wrong during finals time of my 2nd semester during my senior year.
  • Spazing out in jr. high after I got got for my Tommy Hill jacket that was in my locker.  See even YAKWII takes an L from time to time.
  • Spazing out again in jr. high after this teacher who hated athletes failed me in computer class!  I put a hole in the wall at home during the middle of my spaz out.
  • Spazing out in Boston after me and my friends were supposedly called a racial slur.  Then come to find out, one of my boys provoked the whole situation and claimed that the dudes called us something not so nice, when in fact, nothing was said at all.  Then I spazed out on my boy.
  • Spazing out on the phone with this chick who was supposed to meet me up in Boston but then never showed up.  Then had the nerve to call me 2 weeks later like “What up?”  We cool now thou.
  • Another jr. high spaz out was when this dude tried to jump into the fight when me and my boy were already kicking this other kid’s a$$.  I spazed out on the dude for tryin to interfere with the fight and almost had to give him the beats too.
  • As a kid, I spazed out and punched this other kid in the face for laughing when my brother almost got hit by a car.
  • My most recent spaz out was out in Atlanta during early spring of last year.  At the bar with some co-workers and this drunk dude thought I was that dude he was gonna talk slick to.  I ain’t havin that!  So I end up spazzin out on dude to the point where his homegirl had to jump up and hold me back.  Dude was so lucky his homegirl was cute!  After that, me and dude’s homegirl start getting close throughout the nite.  Word.  So me and homegirl on the dance floor gettin extra close, all kinda ideas are runnin thru my head(s) and who the f*ck comes thru, snatches her up and says “We gotta go.”….. Yep, the same b*tch a$$ dude who I spazzed out on a couple of hours earlier!!!  Damn.  All I could do was stand there and shake my head(s).

Drawing a blank on additional spaz outs, but as you can see, these were all spread out over a long period of time.  So I’m not totally off my rocker.

Right now, the feelings I had when I started writing this post have waned tremendously, so I don’t think a spaz out is coming today.

If my plans work out the way I planning, my spaz out days should come to a rest for a long while pretty soon.  You have no clue what I’m talking about because I haven’t told you what I’m talking about.  And I’ve decided that I’m not going to tell you what I’m talking about, so you’ll just have to guess what I’m talking about.  You probably won’t thou.

Just know that if you do catching me spazing out in the near future, my plans didn’t work out the way I planned.  Study my moves.


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