Starbury is my idol.  Not Stephon Marbury, but STARBURY!!!  Starbury does what he wants, whenever he wants and how he wants!  Starbury is the reality of the unconscious mind.  Starbury gets it in anyway he deems fit.   Starbury is that dude.

(Note: If you read this blog regularly, you know that I am in no way, shape or form being facetious!  I really want to live my life like Starbury does!  I’m working on it, but I have a ways to go to get to dude’s level.)

On Friday, dude did a 24 hour all-access live internet stream on  Of course, as expected, dude was entertaining!  I watched parts of the live stream off and on.  You can watch some of the footage on his UStream channel or if you’re like me and too impatient to wait for the video to load, you can check out this transcript of the stream.  Thanks to the dude who typed up the transcript, that’s loyalty!  However, too bad he stopped around 11 pm cause he missed some funny stuff after that!  Vintage Starbury.  Read more here.

However, if you’re just now hopping onto the Starbury wagon, you’ve missed out on SO MUCH must see tv!  I’ll do my best to catch you up with a little highlight reel:

1) NY Knicks Sexual Harassment Scandal

092407Intern2jmThe reality of this situation is that Starubry really didn’t have much direct involvement in the case between Isiah Thomas and Anucha Browne Sanders.  He was basically used as an example of the madhouse environment the Knicks were allowing.  Starbury’s involvement came in the form of sleeping with Knicks intern Kathleen Decker.  That’s her above.

She was out celebrating her b’day at the strippy and ran into Starbury.  When it was time to leave the spot, he hit her with the now famous line, “Are you going to get into the truck?”  That’s all the sweet talkin he needed to do to get the buns!  After he beat in the backseat of the truck, he sent shorty a text sayin, “I want some more of that.”


How romantic!

While that’s a great story in itself, what makes it even better is that his cousin had already smashed before Starbury did!  I mean, I guess she’s halfway thick, but Starbury must have had some inside info from his cousin, cause I wouldn’t peg her as being the type of chick that a millionaire ball player would risk his marriage over.

marbury-wifeAs you can see, his wife is very pretty.  I never understood why dudes cheat down?  If you’re gonna cheat on your wife, find a chick who looks better than her.  Don’t get it!

2) King of the interview! Just watch for yourself…..

You MUST watch from the 7:00 minute mark to the end!!!

3) The everyday man…

So while dude was basically locked out by the NY Knicks, he trained out in California.  One day, I guess he decided to try to take the bus or just chill at the bus stop.  Really, I don’t think anyone knows why dude was at the bus stop, but luckily this dude in the Superman t-shirt had a video camera and got some great footage of Starbury just being Starbury.

Excellent!  Check out the rest of the episodes here.

4) Giving back to the community.

For as “crazy” as dude seems, Starbury also has a big heart.  He started the Starbury clothing and sneaker line.

The line is stylish and inexpensive.  He’s also done Starbury gear giveaways in NYC .   This is a good look!  However, in true Starbury fashion, in addition to purchasing Starbury gear on, you can also buy Michael Jackson cd’s! Real Talk!


I really don’t know who would go to to buy MJ cd’s, but I have to respect the hustle.  Dude is a true businessman!

People have all kinds of opinions about dude.  Cool, you’re free to form and voice your opinion, but let’s let dude be who he wants to be.  Granted he’s not the same ball player he once was, but he’s also been in the league 13 years.  That’s a full career!  Ok, so the $10 million a year money he’s asking for may be a  huge stretch, but you gotta shoot for it!  You never know who might open up those pockets!

My point is let Starbury do Starbury and the world will be much better off for it!




3 Responses to “Starbury”

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  2. Hello, I still miss him everytime. Michael is stil the ultimate singer. Wanted him to still be here. Thanks for your Blog. Perhaps you can visit my Blog too. See my fabturbo blog.

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