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Where you been kid?

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golden girls

Yo,  time to get back at it.  I’m tired of these on & off hiatuses I’ve been going thru this year.  But sometimes, “life happens” and you have to take care of sh*t you NEED to do instead of doing the stuff you WANT to do, nah mean?  Not always fair, but fairness is a completely man made concept, so we gotta deal with it.  Slowly gettin back on my YAKWII sh*t.  Here’s a few things I’ve been up to lately:

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Don’t call it a comeback

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Yo, what up?  Trust me, I know that the kid has been slackin on the blog updates.  I’m doing the best I can these days.  But straight up and down, 2009 is like the WACKEST YEAR EVER!  Some good sh*t happened this year, but overall I’m not feelin it.  Congrats to you if you had a baby this year, got a promotion or came into some money – ain’t none of that sh*t happen to me!  You know how the Chinese zodiac has an animal for every year?

chinese zodiac

Well, on the YAKWII zodiac, 2009 is the year of the Wack Monster!

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Germany Athletics WorldsUsain Bolt ran a new world record time of 9.58 at the T&F World Championships. Even if you don’t follow track and field, trying doing ANYTHING in 9.58 seconds!  Tying your shoes, dialing a phone number or putting on your pants when you hear the boyfriend of the chick you’re creeping with opening the front door to his crib!  Yeah, 9.58 is flippin FAST!!  Congrats Mr. Bolt!!


Kriss Kross

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Kriss Kross – Jump

I smiled today when I thought about this song! More after the flip!

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Jasmin Leigh

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jasmin leigh 1

Ms. Jasmin Leigh can come thru the YAKWII spot anytime!

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Blame it on the alcohol…

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lendale white

It seems that BIG homie Lendale White lost a few pounds this NFL off season…

Lendale White: I Cut Patron Out of My Diet All the Way

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