Germany Athletics WorldsUsain Bolt ran a new world record time of 9.58 at the T&F World Championships. Even if you don’t follow track and field, trying doing ANYTHING in 9.58 seconds!  Tying your shoes, dialing a phone number or putting on your pants when you hear the boyfriend of the chick you’re creeping with opening the front door to his crib!  Yeah, 9.58 is flippin FAST!!  Congrats Mr. Bolt!!

2 Responses to “9.58”

  1. Syncere Lane Says:

    Yo, any man that can run a football field in in 10 seconds is … well shit, i mean what can you say.

  2. Man, it’s scary. I don’t even think thats the fastest he can go. If he had pushed through in the Olympics, he would have set an OR that would have stood for at least 50 years. Before this race, Gay said something to the effect of whoever wins this race is going to have to set a world record. I’m pretty sure Gay was hoping it would be him. I don’t want to make any crazy predictions, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to have to change the rules to allow robots to compete before anyone straight up beats Bolt. HIS NAME IS BOLT! The kid was born to be fast.

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