Don’t call it a comeback

Yo, what up?  Trust me, I know that the kid has been slackin on the blog updates.  I’m doing the best I can these days.  But straight up and down, 2009 is like the WACKEST YEAR EVER!  Some good sh*t happened this year, but overall I’m not feelin it.  Congrats to you if you had a baby this year, got a promotion or came into some money – ain’t none of that sh*t happen to me!  You know how the Chinese zodiac has an animal for every year?

chinese zodiac

Well, on the YAKWII zodiac, 2009 is the year of the Wack Monster!


Since there is no such thing as the YAKWII zodiac or the Wack Monster, I had to leave it up to Google to provide the visual.  I have to say that if there was such a thing as the Wack Monster, this would be pretty accurate depiction.

For those of you who may be new to the YAKWII experience, let me give you brief rundown of what 2009 has been like for me:

January:  Laid off my job that I really liked.  I was in line to be promoted until the project I was working on came to a screeching halt!  Good times!laid-off1As a result of the layoff, YAKWII was born!!!!  The world can thank me later!

January – early March:  Living off savings, severance and my annual bonus, I give the world some of the oddest, most creative, funniest, longest and Kanyest blog posts of all time!  Granted I barely slept, drank about a year’s worth of coffee in 2.5 months…

coffee-posters and, according to some friends, I was pretty irritable – but I had a f*ckin blast in the process!

Early March:  Land a temporary gig that doesn’t pay much, but just enough to keep the lights on and the internet connection strong.

my computer(Yes, this is an actual photo of my computer and printer.)  The new place of employment is kinda crazy, but I deal with it.

March-early June:  Just plug along on the day to day.  Social life is pretty non-existent because of lack of funds, but I’m OK.  Two of my good buddies come down to visit in late May and they somehow managed to have more fun in one weekend than I’ve had the entire year.  I won’t go into any details, but I will say a BIG shoutout to homegirl “Dee” (if that is her real name).

Still blogging, but the frequency is totally inconsistent – direct correlation to the way 2009 is working out for the kid.

June:  Get full-time job offer.  However, these f*ckers TOTALLY low ball me!!  Are you serious!!  I’m pissed cause I thought I was bout to get that gwap!  But instead, they gave me the Bernie Madoff special.  However, I am happy that I am still able to keep my spot and pay my bills.

On a side note, the A/C in my whip kicks the bucket!


I live in the south.  We’ve only had like 5 under 90 degrees!  I be at work just like this dude!  Word.

July:  Finally get over being pissed off.  Then I start to realize that everyone I work with is f*ckin miserable!  I’ll admit that my emotions ebb and flow with the environment that surrounds me.  I’m like a 1 year old who cries when his mother is out of eyesight.  When people around me are happy, I’m happy.  When people around me are miserable, I’m miserable.  Sh*t, when it rains I get miserable.  I’m like Grumpy Bear from the Care Bears.

Grumpy_Bear_by_capsicumAugust:  Completely overwhelmed at work!  Way behind on EVERYTHING!!  Being micro-manged daily and have to take deep breaths hourly just to make it thru the day.  Pay day means nothing anymore.  Tried my best to hang in there till the end of the year, but the combination of miserable work environment, heavy workload and terrible pay have gotten the best of me!  Back on the job hunt!  Had one interview so far which was weird.  Still waiting to hear if I made it thru to the next round, not optimistic thou.

I’m to the point now that I have ZERO clue what I want to do professionally anymore!  I just want to do something creative – whatever the hell that means!  Straight up and down, I actually used a modified version of one my blog posts in a job application!  What did I have to loose?  New job here I come!

Sh*t, I hate when I do this to myself….I’ve gotten to a point where I have zero clue where I’m going with this or how to wrap this diatribe up.   So as I’ve done in the past, I’ll end it off with some PG-13 T & A.





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