Where you been kid?

golden girls

Yo,  time to get back at it.  I’m tired of these on & off hiatuses I’ve been going thru this year.  But sometimes, “life happens” and you have to take care of sh*t you NEED to do instead of doing the stuff you WANT to do, nah mean?  Not always fair, but fairness is a completely man made concept, so we gotta deal with it.  Slowly gettin back on my YAKWII sh*t.  Here’s a few things I’ve been up to lately:

1) pandoraI discovered Pandora Internet Radio.  It’s actually REALLY good!  You just type in a artist you like and it plays that artist, as a well as other artists who are similar.  It’s a really good mix of both artists and songs.  Definitely recommend it!

2) beach wedding

Went to a wedding back up north for one of my college roommates.  It was on the beach.  Crazy weekend, but definitely a good time.  Heads got drunk, danced, kicked it, said sh*t they wouldn’t have said if they weren’t drunk, tried having sex with people they probably wouldn’t have holla’d at normally – you know….another regular weekend, just outta state.


workplace overworkedI’m not gonna even speak on this topic.  The visual says enough.  All I’ll say is that I’m working on a plan to make this sh*t come to an END!!!


preacherssonI read a book!  I used to read a fair amount, but fell off somewhere down the road.  Yes, I do like to read books by Carl Weber, Nathan MaCall and Eric Jerome Dickey.  I even read one E. Lynn Harris books.  I didn’t know dude’s M.O. before reading his stuff, so I was definitely caught off guard as I got into the book.  If you don’t know what I’m talkin about, cop one of dude’s books!  I had bought “The Preacher’s Son” a few years back and it just sat in box for a few years until recently.  Since I needed something to read on the plane on the way to the wedding, I tossed it in the bag.  It was a good read.  Cop it.

Ummm….that’s about it.  Pretty flippin boring!  This is what life has reduced me too (for now).  Like I said, I’m workin on my plan.  Bout to get right back on my YAKWII sh*t (whatever that means).  One.


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