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New Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj5New Nicki Minaj pics from Honey Magazine.  We’ve already featured Nicki on here a few months back, but shorty is so damn sexy that we’ll feature her anytime she has new pics out!  She can come thru the YAKWII spot ANYTIME!  That is my word, kid!!!

Check the pics after the jump.

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NYC Latina ‘too ghetto’ for Hawaiian Tropic Zone?

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A luscious Latina who sued the Hawaiian Tropic Zone will leave it to a jury to decide whether she’s “too ghetto” to sling drinks in a bikini at the infamous eatery.

Hmmm…  So these are the types of cases that are bottlenecking our judicial system?  Check under the flip for the rest of the rest of the story and more pics of shorty.
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Plaxico Burress

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plaxico-burressPlax got hit with a 2 year bid on gun charges. I agree with the gun laws in NYC and if you do the crime, you gotta do the time.  However, in this particular situation, 2 years in jail seems a little excessive.  Granted, dude could have shot someone else, but he shot himself.  Now he’s going to jail for it.  Total insult to injury!  Guess we really need to make wise choices in life.  One bad decision can change your life forever.  Keep you head up Plax.

Rick Lost!!! (again)

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Damn!  I thought I was having a rough 2009, but Rick Ross is takin the cake.  This dude has taken more L’s that the 2008 Detroit Lions!  First they exposed this dude for being a former CO, then Half Dollar put one of his baby moms in a porno, and now dude got yapped for his shine by some skeeos in Nashville!  Check the video under the flip.

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4 Awkward Moments in Facebook “Likes”

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fb3These are funny!  Click thru to see the rest.

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Forget Arab money…

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Yo, if you’re really up on your stuff, you know that Russian money is longer than Arab money!  The Russians are up on that new money.  Granted, a bunch of them lost a lot of that money when the world economy went into a tailspin, but some of them are still doing fairly OK.  Particularly these two…

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Goodie Mob

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soulfoodTonight, Goodie Mob is performing a reunion show in Atlanta, GA.   This is a good look.  Goodie Mob has always been one of my favorite groups.  Brings me back to the mid 90s when they and OutKast brought that Dungeon Family hip hop sound to the masses.  I was livin up north, but definitely appreciated their music.  Apparently people still have that love for them, check this excerpt from an article in Creative Loafing Atlanta:

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