Camp Lo

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.  Hope you’re out somewhere enjoying yourself (or somebody) and you weren’t sitting on the edge of your swivel chair waiting for me to post something because I almost didn’t log on for like the 27th consecutive night.  That would have sucked, but luckily I have a space in my heart for all of you!  So for those of you who were waiting for me to school you to the latest bullsh*t that’s on the mind of YAKWII…here’s a little Camp Lo to satisfy your appetite.

Camp Lo – Luchini

These dudes should have had more success than they did!

Camp Lo – Coolie High

Camp Lo – Black Nostaljack

Camp Lo – Lumdi

Camp Lo – Glow


One Response to “Camp Lo”

  1. I mean to be quite honest the song is full of slang that i didnt really understand, not that it was wack ut the beat, the video, it was a classic, unfortunately, in my book, they are one of the greatest one hit wonders

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