Terry Rodgers

Back on my art sh*t.  Below are works by Terry Rodgers.  Dude’s sh*t is crazy!  Mr. Rodgers has a very imaginative mind and an obvious liking of the young, nubile body.  Since I’m tying to keep this blog halfway smut-free (notice I only said halfway), here’s a PG preview of dude’s work.

Copy of Continental Drift

Copy of This Is Our Youth

Copy of Shades of Olympus(Yes, that is Paris Hilton in the left corner.)

So now that you’ve got your little preview on, I know you want more.  Check under the fold to see his paintings of butt-a$$ naked people.  (The people want smut, I’ll give’em smut!!!  YAKWII can provide that.)


(I crack myself up!)

but as promised…..

Continental Drift

No Middle Ground

Shades of Olympus


Stealing Scenes

Terry_rodgers_Boundaries_of_Desire_Scheringa_Museum_yatzer_The Calligraphy of Disproportionate Advantage

The Curve of Binding Energy

The Triumph of Venus

This Is Our Youth

via TerryRodgers.com & Yatzer.com


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