Mike Jordan

jordan hof(Photo credit: AP)

Did anyone else think Mike Jordan’s Hall of Fame induction speech was extremely weird, awkward, kinda petty and unbecoming of the HOF speech from greatest basketball player of all-time?  I had no clue what the guy was talking about!  It seemed like he was using the time to throw anyone who ever irked him under the bus.  Why bringing up old sh*t?  Byron Russell?  Jeff Van Gundy? There is ZERO reason why these dudes should have been mentioned anyone’s HOF speech, let alone Mike Jordan’s!  The kicker to me was when he said to his kids, “I wouldn’t want to be you guys.”  What?  WTF?  No clue where he was going with that one.  That was just strange.

All Mike Jordan’s speech did was just affirm my stance on athletes getting face time on TV or radio – it shouldn’t happen!!  Just cause a dude or chick is nice at ball, it doesn’t mean they can talk and make sense at the same time.   Talking and making sense are two different things in my book.  Sh*t, I’m not a pro ball player and I prove that I can talk and not make any sense on a daily basis – that’s why I have a blog and not a TV show.  People needs to stay in their lanes.  Let these people play ball and the world will be a better place.  One.


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