Forget Arab money…


Yo, if you’re really up on your stuff, you know that Russian money is longer than Arab money!  The Russians are up on that new money.  Granted, a bunch of them lost a lot of that money when the world economy went into a tailspin, but some of them are still doing fairly OK.  Particularly these two…

Mikhail Prokhorov

Mikhail ProkhorovHe’s Russia’s wealthiest man with a fortune of about $9.5 billion.  News is that dude is going to be the one to finally build the New Jersey Nets arena in Brooklyn.  In exchange for building the arena, he would receive a non-controlling stake in the team.  Wonder what Hov thinks about this?

jayz nets

Another dude you should know about is Roman Abramovich.

Roman_AbramovichDude is Russia’s 2nd most wealthy, coming in at a net worth of $8.5 billi. This dude owns all kinds of sh*t!  He owns the Chelsea Football Club, a Boeing 767, like 5 mega yachts – including the world’s largest yacht and homes all over the world.  To top it off, he’s got five kids and another one the way by like three different model chicks.  I think dude can cover the child support payments.

However, I guess being only the 2nd wealthiest person in Russia got to him or maybe he needs more room for his sixth kid, because he just coped a new crib for $89 million in St. Bart’s.  I mean what does a house/property that costs $89 million eve look like?  Too rich for my blood.

Well, I hope that made Roman feel better about dropping to 2nd on the Russian billionaire list.  But even so, to quote the great Ricky Bobby, “If you ain’t first, you’re last!”  You gotta put in that work Roman!

ricky-bobby-if-you-aint-firstPS: I know that rich people don’t like you talkin bad about them.  They have people who have people who make people like me disappear.  So if I don’t update this thing for like 3 months straight, chances are that Roman read this and had his people’s people come holla at me.  If that ever becomes the case…It’s been real folks!  One.

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