NYC Latina ‘too ghetto’ for Hawaiian Tropic Zone?


A luscious Latina who sued the Hawaiian Tropic Zone will leave it to a jury to decide whether she’s “too ghetto” to sling drinks in a bikini at the infamous eatery.

Hmmm…  So these are the types of cases that are bottlenecking our judicial system?  Check under the flip for the rest of the rest of the story and more pics of shorty.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Edward Lehner on Tuesday greenlighted the discrimination lawsuit by Melody Morales, who charged that she was denied her dream job because she didn’t “speak white.”

“I don’t think accent should play any role in service at a restaurant where the waitresses serve drinks and meals in bikinis,” said Derek Smith, a lawyer for the top-heavy former Hooters girl.

Morales, 22, sued the Times Square restaurant in January after the stunner with a 34-D cup size says she was twice rejected for a job by managers who didn’t much care for her “Latin accent.”

“They’re going to see that she speaks very well,” Smith said. “And I intend to depose all of the waitresses who work there because I am interested to see how well they speak.”

Lawyers for the recently reopened Hawaiian Tropic Zone had tried to have Morales’ suit tossed – and they strongly hinted that she was a hooker after her photos appeared on what they called “very filthy” Web sites.

Smith insisted that Morales is no call girl – merely a busty beauty who who fantasized about working in a skimpy swimsuit. Morales has boasted that she would have done a “perfect job” because of her ample assets that look good in a bikini.

James Rosenzweig, a lawyer for the Hawaiian Tropic Zone, declined to comment.

The restaurant in the past has touted its “diverse workforce,” saying 40% of its workers are Hispanic.

Smith said patrons of the restaurant aren’t there to listen to the lovelies in sexy swimsuits – only to admire them.

“It’s apparent that the real reason that a person would go to the Hawaiian Tropic Zone is similar to why someone would go to Hooters,” he said.

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2 Responses to “NYC Latina ‘too ghetto’ for Hawaiian Tropic Zone?”

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  2. Ghetto or not I’d let her serve me some drinks 😉

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