Frank Matrisciano

Frank Matrisciano

Yo.  One of my favorite things to do besides being me and making YAKWII the hottest blog on the internets is searching for obscure sports stories.  Last night around midnight, I was reading the Kentucky Sports Radio blog about University of Kentucky basketball player Patrick Patterson and I came across a piece about Patterson and Daniel Orton training over the summer with athletic trainer Frank Matrisciano.  That’s Frank pictured above with his Siberian Husky, Seminole.

He trains a lot of high school, college and pro basketball players, including Blake Griffin, Hilton Armstrong and Aaron Afflalo.  Frank’s training methods are unconventional, but deliver high impact on the athletes he trains.  Matrisciano says, “I take them to a level they’ve never been.”

Aside from his workouts, what makes this guy so intriguing is that he lives in a shroud of secrecy.  About all people know about him is that he lives in San Francisco.  The guy doesn’t show his face, isn’t listed in phone directories and doesn’t advertise his services.  People just find him.

Frank Matrisciano1

Like I mentioned, this guy is hard to find in person, but finding info online was even harder.  However, I did find an article from 2008 in the San Francisco Chronicle titled “Meet Hell’s Trainer.”  I also found a little more about him in the web series, “The Rookie,” that did on Blake Griffin as he prepared for the NBA draft.  Watch webisode #3 titled “Workout.”  Outside of these two stories, I haven’t found much else.  I’ll keep searching, but if you know anymore info about Frank and his workouts, let me know.  One.

via ESPN, San Francisco Chronicle


2 Responses to “Frank Matrisciano”

  1. Chris Waters Says:

    I need your help. I want to train and I understand that you are a very experienced trainer. I understand that your drills and exercises are very intense, but I am willing to learn from you. I am asking for your help. I will do anything. I won’t back down, I won’t quit.

  2. Rob Chestnut Says:

    Chris did you end up training with Frank?

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