On my fashion sh*t…

t.fordSup. As my loyal readers know, YAKWII gets it in on multiple levels, in various genres and on diverse topics.  This time I’m gonna bring it to the high fashion tip.  Designer Tom Ford has been in the game for a minute and is one of the world’s most respected fashion designers.  He’s famous for righting the ship at Gucci as their Creative Director.  In 2004, he opened his own fashion house, Tom Ford.

His menswear is on some fly sh*t!  If I could afford and fit into the clothes, I’d cop some of his gear.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he designs for anyone over 150 lbs.  Aside from the gear, his advertising is crazy!  Basically if these weren’t “high fashion” ads, it would be porn.  Straight up.  So for your viewing pleasure, I’ve posted a few of the ads here on YAKWII.  Some of his ads were a bit too risqué for my liking, so I left them out there on the internets.  You can go look for them yourself.

Take a look.  FYI – Definitely NSFW!!!

Tom Ford 1

Tom Ford 2

Tom Ford 3

Tom Ford 4

Tom Ford 5

Tom Ford 6

Tom Ford 7

Tom Ford 8

Tom Ford 9


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