Yes…we got more Suleika!!!


Just…don’t say anything.  Just stare and admire.

Suleika is the baddest chick on the internets right now.  This is her third time featured on YAKWII!  I think the only other people featured on here more than once are Nicki Minaj and Tom Brady.   (And no I don’t have a man-crush on Tom Brady!  Who started that rumor anyways??)

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check Suleika’s first and second YAKWII appearances.  We don’t gotta Hall of Fame here on YAKWII, but we may have to start one, elect Suleika as our first inductee and them shut that b*tch down so Suleika will be the first and last inductee.  Yeah, she’s that serious!

But in case you’ve already checked the previous pics….on to the new joints.  God Bless.






via Dynasty Series

3 Responses to “Yes…we got more Suleika!!!”

  1. hotel bb nantes…

    […]Yes…we got more Suleika!!! « You already know who it is[…]…

  2. I’m inlove….

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