My whip game is crazy…

miles419,000 and counting!  That’s the mileage on my ’95 Toyota.  The thing has been through a lot, but it’s still kickin.  Original engine and everything.  Chicks dig high mileage!


2 Responses to “My whip game is crazy…”

  1. Yo real talk! i refuse to believe this. now a honda on the other… naw not even a honda accord could pull this off. i’ve been driving hoopties since sir-mix-alotta big butts and i cannot lie and ive never seen a speedometer that high! if its really yours! bravo my good friend… bravo!

  2. youalreadyknowwhoitis Says:

    This is all me kid! I inherited the whip in ’03 from the parents. They bought it new in ’95, so all the miles are official. I’ll post a new pic when I crack 420,000!

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