Khrysti Hill

khrysti hill 001

You know I got somethin to say about this shorty!

Click below for more pics and the words of YAKWII.

FYI… I’m back on my YAKWII sh*t.  You’ve been warned.

First, let me apologize for taking so long to make this blog post.  Before Suleika came on the scene and stole my hard on heart, Khrysti Hill had me at first glance!  This woman is so ridiculous!  Thick in exactly the right spots, pretty face and smooth brown skin.  This is the kinda chick where, if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity, you definitely have to kiss and tell!

I mean, what good does it do you to smash and keep it to yourself?  Sh*t, if I ever get the chance to splash the guts, I’m blogging about it immediately!  Be at my laptop butt-a$$ naked typing away within seconds!  Even if I got too excited and two-pumped it, I’m givin the play by play, including quotes, pictures and streaming video!  I’ll even interview myself.  I’m tellin everything!  That’s my word!

OK…now leaving planet YAKWII and returning to planet Earth…

Unfortunately, Ms. Khrysti Hill hasn’t put out any new material in a long minute.  However, she did an interview on Indo’s Place back in August and said that she’s back to work and we should expect something soon from her.  YAKWII is definitely looking forward to that day!!  Of course, in the meantime, Khrysti is more than welcome to come thru the YAKWII spot ANYTIME she wants to!!!  All she has to do is holla at me and I’ll send her a key to the crib.  I be here everyday…I don’t be doin sh*t.

As promised, more pics of Khrysti Hill below.  one.

khrysti hill 002

Khrysti Hill 003

khrysti hill 004

khrysti hill 005

khrysti hill 006

khrysti hill 007

khrysti hill 008

khrysti hill 009

khrysti hill 010


Khrysti, if you ever read this, I was just playin about all that kissin and tellin stuff.  I wouldn’t tell no one.  (At least not until I know you made it back to your crib safely.  I gots respect for women!!!)

Click here for New Khrysti Hill Show Magazine pics!

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One Response to “Khrysti Hill”

  1. Khrysti, what you are revealing behind that fur jacket video made me smile and smile again, such a wonderful sight, word !!!!

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