Weekend Recap


First of all, I have managed to complete another absolutely non-productive weekend!  I’m on a freakin roll!  I always start off with wild expectations about gettin sh*t done, but I’ve yet to follow thru on anything I’ve planned on doing in 2009.  Pretty amazing if I don’t say so myself.  However, even though I didn’t do what I was supposed to do, I did some sh*t that I really didn’t want to do, but did it anyways.


Finally watched the movie Notorious.  Granted I’m almost a year late in seeing it, but this is ahead of schedule for me when it comes to movie watching.  If you want to frustrate yourself, drop a joke that references a movie and watch it fly over my head with the quickness.  I have zero attention span, so for me to sit down and watch a movie is like a major event.

I thought the movie was pretty good.  However, as a point of reference, my favorite movie is Belly, so that should give you an idea of the depth of my filmographic (is that a word?) knowledge.  Gravy did a good job as Frank WhiteDerek Luke had me dyin the whole movie!  Dude was dancin just like Puff in every scene!!  They definitely kinda played Lil Kim and 2Pac in the movie.  Had Kim lookin like she was just B.I.G.’s jumpoff and Pac was wildin like he was schizo in every scene.  Overall, I though it was a good flick.

job hu1

Did a little job hunting today.  All I accomplished by doing this was confusing myself even more about which direction I want to take my career.  Have no clue.  Moving along….


Went to the gym today too.  I’ve decided that all I’m going to do it workout my chest and let my mini-belly do its own thing.  Word.  Unfortunately, my I-Pod broke while at the gym and I was forced to listen to the absolutely awful music they play in there.  I swore I heard a techno version of Master P’sMake’em Say Ugh” featuring Madonna, Justin Timberlake, and Tony Yayo.  Who in their right mind would even produce this track??  Oh, by the way fellas, under no circumstance should you and your girl wear matching wife beaters to the gym or should you sing along with any Usher song in public, especially at the gym!  That’s a No No!

Yeah…that’s about it.  Now it’s about 11:30 pm and the weekend is essentially over.  Might as well go to bed.  I’m gonna go eat a Hot Pocket first thou.  Maybe I’ll eat both of them.  We’ll see.  I’ll holla.  one.

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