Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue – Come Into My World

What can I say, I like some of Kylie Minogue’s music.

I gots other sh*t to say too.  Back on my YAKWII sh*t again.

Check it after the jump.

Granted Kylie Minogue is a world famous pop star, but I didn’t discover her until like 2001 when I was in London.  Kylie is a little hottie!  And I literally mean little – she stands at exactly 5ft tall.  She can bring her lil extra-petite a$$ thru the YAKWII spot too.  And you best believe that I’m getting footage of her visit!

Sh*t, I need more readership!  I’m tryin to get myself on, Access Hollywood or one of them pop-tv shows.  I can read the headline now:

SCANDAL: World Famous Pop-Star Caught with Semi-Retarded Local US Blogger!!!

Her fans want to know “What the F*CK was Kylie Thinking??”

On tonight’s Access Hollywood!

Sh*t would be crazy!!

Gettin up on my worldwide pop-star scandal sh*t.

Call me International YAKWII.

I does this!

Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out of My Head

kylie minogue 1

kylie minogue 2

kylie minogue 3

kylie minogue 4

kylie minogue 5

pics via the internets

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