Kymby Cao

Kymby Cao 03

Yo.  YAKWII back at it again.  Other night I was doin my ADD web surfin thing and came across YUHMM Magazine.  Very nice site!  (NSFW by the way!) The authors of the site describe it as “your new source for all things “yuhmmi” served with a modern twist on the traditional nudie mag… with info on the most flavorful gadgets, fashion, music, and art in today’s pop culture.” YUHMM…where have you been all my life??

Even with all the T & A featured on the site, this one fully-clothed woman caught my eye – Kymby Cao.  I think she is sexy as hell!  I’m generally not a fan of large, visible tattoos on women, but she’s killin’em.  I likes.  She blogs for The Lipstick Diaries, so you can check her there too.

I gonna have to get some tatts cause otherwise, I would feel like a total pu$$y tryin to holla at a woman with this much ink!

More pics after the jump.  one.

Kymby Cao 01

Kymby Cao 05

Kymby Cao 011

Kymby Cao 06

Kymby Cao 07

pics via YUHMM Magazine and Premium Magazine


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