Legion of Doom


Hawk and motherf*ckin Animal – Legion of Doom!  These dudes inspired a ton a backyard wrestling matches when I was growing up.

Why did Legion of Doom come to mind when I was getting dressed for work?  I have no flippin clue!!

Check the you tube video of their theme music after the jump.  one.

One Response to “Legion of Doom”

  1. Yo,

    This sh*t inspired millions. L.O.D. definitely set the bar as far as tag-team duos are concerned. Nobody was f*ckin’ with the “Doomsday Device.” I know that there were probably dozens of kids (and adults) nationwide who tried to pull off that sh*t in their yards and/or living rooms…and totally got f*cked up in the process. Shouts to broken furniture. One.

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