DDDairy Monroe

DDDairy Monroe 01

DDDairy Monroe.  Mmmmm…..Dairy.  Ms. Monroe can deliver milk to the YAKWII spot anytime!

More pics after the jump.

DDDairy Monroe 02

DDDairy Monroe 03

DDDairy Monroe 04

DDDairy Monroe 05

DDDairy Monroe 06

DDDairy Monroe 07

DDDairy Monroe 08

DDDairy Monroe 09


3 Responses to “DDDairy Monroe”

  1. Im high powered, put Adina Howard to sleep, Yo pardon, this bitch been on my mind all week!!!

  2. I have to say, you have one tight frame ma. Nice hips, tight rack and beautiful to top it all off. looking forward to see more pictures. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  3. We are currently need another female model for the final shooting of the Mean Mug Music video, will you be available next Saturday. Its a paid shoot and we need a brief topless scene. Pls. respond for confirmation by email listed. The shooting will take place inside a midtown Manhattan hotel venue. All details will be disclose with a further contact by you.

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