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Sup.  YAKWII back in action!  Had to fire up the YAKWII Jet and take a few days out to check my peoples on my Up North Trip.

Now I’m back in the south, buy  unfortunately I think 5 full days of drinkin and partying have finally caught up to me cause I feel like sh*t right now!

Well, to be honest, I probably could make it to work today, but I wouldn’t get sh*t done.  I think I’ll be better off on my couch.

The trip was a lot of fun (obviously too much fun since I’m paying the price right now).  The funny thing is that squeezed in between all the drinkin, my man’s wedding popped off.  Crazy.  However, let me tell you that the drinkin really never stopped – even at the church!

You know what time it is when dudes bring the Henny bottle inside the church, stash it in the donation box so they can hit swigs immediately before and after the ceremony!!  Bananas.

In all honesty, I couldn’t bring myself to hit the bottle inside the church.  I’m not necessarily religious, but I’m spiritual.  God and Henny really don’t mix in my book – at least not inside of the Lord’s House.  Now inside the limo was a totally different story!

Like I said, the trip was a lot of fun and as always, for anyone who’s a slave to their wages, it was too short.  Only so much vacation time and funds available.

I was struggling on the best way to sum up the entire trip because there are too many highlights to choose from.  However, I just got a text that made me almost piss myself.  My other homie was the best man at the wedding and he got sh*tty off the liqs!

At one point he was hollerin at this shorty and he says to her

“People leave weddings and go f*ck!”

Good thing for him she didn’t slap the sh*t out of him on the spot.  Even better was that he was so drunk that he didn’t even remember sayin that to her.  However, he still somehow managed to get her number and she told him about the smooth a$$ game he dropped on her when they spoke yesterday.

Good times!  Now let me go get unsick!  one.


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