My day off

The other day I stayed home from work because I wasn’t feelin well, so I went to the mall instead.  On my Ferris Bueller sh*t.  Mainly just walked around a bit to get out the crib.  I did cop a Florida Marlins fitted thou from Lids thou.

For all the fitted wearers out there, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the Lids Passport Club.  Hopefully you are, but if not you should be!  It’s the craziest loyalty/savings program out there!  It costs $5 a year and you save 20% on hat purchases.  My fitted cost $33.99+tax (damn the south and its tax on clothes!).  However, with the card and 20% discount, I saved $6.80 and the total price came to $29.37.  Since I buy fitteds semi-regularly, I’ve gotten back my $5 multiple times.  Bet.  I’ll take it!

I bought the Marlins fitted to go with the Nike ACG Wildedge’s (Olympic colorway) I coped on sale for $50. I bought them on my up north trip, so no tax!  With winter coming and at only $50 beans, couldn’t go wrong.  Just throw on a black T, black hoodie and keep it movin.

pics via Lids and Sneaker News


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