Allow him to introduce himself…

Sup people.  I have a very special announcement to make.  Today is the debut of my very good friend, the Jambox Scribe, on You Already Know Who It Is.  It will be good to get some fresh material up here cause I’m sure you all are getting tired of my aimless ramblings about sh*t that isn’t important to anyone but myself.

However, now that I’ve actually thought more about having the Jambox contribute to the YAKWII movement, this could actually be a bad thing for ME.  At least when I was the only one writing, I could waste a sh*tload of time and just say “I was blogging.”

Now with Jambox also providing you with more nonsense that you know what to do with, this will cut down the time that I can just say “I was blogging.” WTF!  Now I might start feeling guilty about the massive amounts of time I spend doing absolutely nothing, but I had formerly attributed to “blogging.” Sh*t!  Not cool.  Let me shut the f*ck up.  I’ll have to figure this out as I go along…

Without further ado, introducing the Jambox Scribe!

(You b*tches better be clapping! And you better click that orange “Read more” link below so you can read what the hell he’s talkin about!)

Before I begin, I have to thank my boy, YAKWII, for giving me the guest spot on this wild and crazy show. Both he and I know you WILL BE ENTERTAINED!

This initial post will serve as our formal introduction.  So if you don’t know me, now you know.

I’m here to give you the off-beat perspective of the restless kid from the big city.  I’ll be writing from every location you can think of as I search for meaning in this mixed up backwards world.  I’ll be bringing you report of my more twisted observations.  Occasionally, when the stars align you may even get a glimpse at a few of the many storybook stories that make up the collage that is my life.  But mostly I will just put my own subtle spin on the words that you read so as to twist your thinking even a small amount in my direction. Enjoy! I know I will…

Jambox Scribe

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