Marv Albert vs Curtis Jackson???

Aiight, when my brother told me this story, I thought he way lying:  Marv Albert got into a confrontation with 50 Cent‘s entourage at the Jimmy Kimmel Show!!! This is by far one of the weirdest stories I’ve ever heard.

Granted, I didn’t know Marv was in the streets like that, but obviously Curtis’ crew had some inside info.  As you can see, Marv is no stranger to the bing, so I don’t blame those guys for not taking ANY chances – even backstage at the Jimmy Kimmel Show!  Gotta make sure Curtis doesn’t get hit with that 10th bullet or otherwise them dudes ain’t eatin no more!

Check after the jump for the full story.

50 Cent’s Entourage And Marv Albert Butt Heads At ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

By Matt Thompson

In perhaps one of the oddest moments of the week, 50 Cent‘s crew got tangled up with longtime basketball announcer Marv Albert backstage at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday (November 18). 50 and Marv both appeared on the show that night, and according to the Los Angeles Times, Albert received a chilly reception from 50’s entourage when he arrived at the studio. Apparently, they didn’t recognize the venerable voice of the NBA, and they were under the impression he was trying to impose on 50’s interview. So when the broadcaster entered the building, what went down? Punches were thrown, obscenities were spat out and things got quite hostile.

Although the details remain unclear, the 68-year-old Albert was in the middle of it all. Even when a Kimmel staffer identified Albert, 50’s entourage remained unswayed. Somehow, Albert got out of there unscathed, remarking, “Did you see that? I thought they were kidding, then I realized they weren’t.”

Both Albert and 50 were interviewed later and neither made any reference to the incident. In their defense, most people know Albert’s voice more than his face. In fact, Albert could have probably avoided the whole incident had he simply shouted “LeBron James for three! Yes!”



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