Laying down the lumber…

Another original piece from the Jambox Scribe

I chopped up a fallen tree limb today.  It had fallen in a particularly inconvenient location.  Why did I not just go grab a chainsaw and use that?  Well I’ll tell you, I’m fond of my limbs and frankly I was more than a little inebriated.  So in keeping with the genius that I persist that I am, I grabbed the crane (one of our three axes),

worn well with years, probably about to lose the head with one wrong swing and marched down the hill, axe in hand, to dig into a massive tree branch.

There is something very rewarding about doing things the old fashioned way.  Every axe strike is cathartic and each splinter flying by the face produces a real feeling of satisfaction mixed with momentary surprise.

Plus the feeling of doing things in the fashion of a man who lived in the times, before chainsaws, when men were truly men and not like the pencil pushing pansies of today really makes a body feel good.  And by no means do I mean any disrespect to the pencil pushing pansies out there,

I push pencils around my desk all day long most of the time.  And believe me there are only so many ways to keep oneself amused pushing pencils and that amusement doesn’t last long.

Sometimes I like to build a little log cabin out of pencils.

Or a teepee with a little sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 as a canvas cover held together with twist ties from the pickle bags at lunch with the paper sheath peeled off.  Sometimes I like to put forged Native American drawings on the lined notebook paper covering.

Have to remember to put the pencils eraser down otherwise there is no traction for the teepee legs. But I digress.

Well I guess it is hard to digress from a complete digression, but there I go again.  So I was cutting wood.  Exciting!  WooHoo!!!!

But then I realized that I had to haul all the wood up to a place where I could dry it.  I mean sheeit! I thought it was enough that I chopped the shit up, now dripping in sweat I have to actually carry the many pieces of destruction, which I so zealously created, up a hill that might as well have been a wall at that point.  I wished I had an escalator or at least a Ford F-150.

But I guess that is why I make little structures out of pencils and office equipment for a living and am not a lumberjack.  And no I didn’t get all the wood up the hill today.  I figured I’d need something to do tomorrow and what would be better than haulin’ some wood up a hill.  Can’t wait for the sun to rise…

Peace bitches!

The Jambox Scribe

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