The Weezer Snuggie

Like I told you back in July, I f*cks with Weezer and this is exactly the reason why!  This is so awesome.  This is also why I need a f*ckin budget!  YAKWII branded Snuggies would make a killing!  Gotta get a sponsor….

However, in the meantime, I took the liberty of mocking up what the YAKWII Snuggie would look like.  Check the prototype after the jump.

I know, it’s rough.  And my model didn’t give me the America’s Next Top Model energy that I was hoping for.  She didn’t have the eye of the tiger mentality that we need to get this project off the ground.  Oh well…Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Baby steps people….baby steps.

If anyone wants to contribute funds to get this project off the ground – PLEASE let me know ASAP!  We can ride the Snuggie wave and get PAID!!!

(Ha ha…I have to laugh at some of the sh*t I put up here sometimes.  Jackasses like me are the exact reason why the internet is dangerous.  This chick probably has zero clue that she has become the spokesmodel for YAKWII branded Snuggies.  Oh boy….)


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