Tiger Woods seriously injured in car accident

Update: Woods was released from the hospital.  A statement from Woods’ camp says the accident was “minor.”

Glad to hear Tiger is OK!

via ESPN.com: Woods injured in crash near home

This is not good!  I actually watch a fair amount of golf for someone who doesn’t play and can’t hit a golf ball straight to save his life.  Watching Tiger when he’s in contention for a win is definitely one of my favorite past times.  Hopes and prayers go out to Tiger and his family!


3 Responses to “Tiger Woods seriously injured in car accident”

  1. the golf gods are probably not happy with Tiger’s injuries… I hope he has a speedy recovery

  2. I havent read all the comments, so perhaps this has already been remarked upon, however, does it not strike anyone as surprising that Tiger, worth a shitload of money and who is arguably the most recognizable athlete in the world, would drive around in a vehicle that did not have bullet proof glass? (or in this case, 3 iron proof)

  3. Tiger Woods scandal is really all about white women and black men

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