Turkey Day

Yep.  That was one of the several deep fried turkeys that were prepared for Thanksgiving today.  Only in the south can you take one of the healthiest foods known to man and find a way to absolutely destroy any and all of its health benefits.

Today was my first time trying fried turkey and I’m not gonna lie, it tasted pretty good.  However, having no clue what was smothered all over that bird kept my appetite at bay for most of dinner.

Overall, today was cool, but I definitely could have gone without the 9-10 total hours spent in the car!  My back is all jacked up right now!

I also could have gone without one of my relatives getting drunk and acting a total fool at dinner.  It wouldn’t have been that bad, but he was one of maybe three people who were drinkin and he was the only one to get f*cked up!  Dude really made an a$$ out of himself.   As they say, there’s one in every family!

Another good thing about family gatherings is that I get to catch up on the latest drama and gossip.

  • One on my cousins is currently in jail on robbery charges.
  • Another cousin has a 9 month old baby that no one knew about.  What makes this even better is that he had the baby by the same girl who called the cops and had him locked up a few months ago.

These are only the stories I heard about today.  With my family, there’s always something that being kept secret, so I’m sure more drama & gossip will leak soon.

Technically, I do not have the Friday after Thanksgiving off from work.  But my boss didn’t say anything about me actually working tomorrow, cause I know there’s no way in hell that she’s going into work.  She has a difficult enough time making it to the office on regular days, never mind a holiday weekend.

I’m going to make a YAKWII decision and make plans to plant my a$$ on my IKEA couch tomorrow.  I have a work-assigned Blackberry, so they know how to find me if they need me.

It’s late.  Bedtime.  one.


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