Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel affair?

Uh oh.  Did Tiger Woods get caught pumping something other than his fist?  Rumor has it that he and his wife Elin were arguing about his alleged affair in Australia with hottie Rachel Uchitel just prior to his car accident yesterday.

I hope this isn’t true because I hate to see anyone’s marriage in trouble over infidelity.  HOWEVER, if dude was practicing his long and short strokes on a new course down under (Ha…you like that, huh?  I’m so witty!), at least he bagged a bad a$$ shorty!

I don’t know who this Rachel Uchitel chick is, but I’m glad she’s in the headlines!  Like I said, she’s dope.  Usually dudes cheat with chicks who are nowhere near as good looking as their wife/girlfriend/main ho, but at least Tiger got it right!  That’s that Stanford education paying off right there!  We’ll see how this all plays out….

More pics of Rachel Uchitel after the jump.

pics via Media Take Out and Daily World Buzz

2 Responses to “Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel affair?”

  1. Tiger Woods’ serious car accident was so funny (guess wifey caught up with his lies). It was reported that Woods went for a drive after having a fight with wife Elin Nordegren over an alleged affair the golfer had with Rachel Uchitel prior to the accident. But what I’d really want to know, who exactly is Rachel Uchitel and is she Tiger Woods’ mistress??

  2. The elephant in the room regarding Tiger Woods white women and black men

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